About Us


We are one of the West Country’s leading photographic groups, having been formed in 1948 by a handful of keen photographers. From these humble beginnings, we have grown to a group of 70 plus members.

We meet in a modern Hall with plenty of car parking, and our meetings are held in a friendly and convivial atmosphere. Warmley is on the edge of Bristol and within easy reach of Bath and the M4, whilst being in South Gloucestershire and very close to Wiltshire. We are glad to say that we draw members from all of these areas.

Over the years, Kingswood Photographic Society has become renowned for the quality of its annual programme, with an emphasis on well-known outside speakers from around the UK. In addition, members run other evenings, with the aim of sharing their knowledge with others. Practical and competition evenings make up the balance of the programme, with AV being one of the latest innovations.

Most of our members work digitally, and we hold a number of Digital Workshops as part of our main programme. These are some of the reasons Kingswood Photographic Society attracts an enthusiastic, talented and friendly membership. Above all, the programme is designed to suit photographers of all ages and abilities.

We were very fortunate in being awarded a Lottery Grant in 2008 which enabled us to upgrade a number of essential items and in addition to purchase a laptop computer and a digital projector.

An online newsletter is published regularly, with news of meetings, Competition and Exhibition results, articles of interest and photographic tips. You can see the latest edition by looking at the 'OnLine Newsletter' page.

The Society archive of photographs, newspaper cuttings etc, are contained within four albums. The President maintains these albums and members may borrow them upon request.

Annual subscriptions are due on or before 1st January each year (50% after 1st July) and are as follows:
Single subscription for 2017 £60.00
We hold 48 meetings per year
Visitors – per meeting attended £3.00. Maximum of three visits allowed.
Anyone subsequently joining, paying the full subscription, will be refunded their visitor fee up to a maximum of £9.00 upon receipt of full Annual Membership, or £3.00 upon payment of half Annual Membership providing these relate to the same membership year.


[a] To promote the friendly relationship of all photographers, whether amateur or professional.
To promote competitions, hold lectures; give practical demonstrations to inform members of all aspects of photography, either by film or digital means.

[a] Shall be open to anyone showing an interest in the Society’s objectives.
The Society shall have the power, after due notice [placed on the notice board], to elect as an Honorary Member any member of good standing and worthy of such distinction by reason of their services to the Society. The motion for such election shall be voted on by show of hands at an AGM and declared carried if a majority of the members voting shall vote in favour.

[a] All members are entitled to the same privileges of the Society and must pay, annually, the same amount of subscription.
The annual subscription due and payable in advance on January 1st shall be of such amount as the Society shall from time to time decide by resolution at an AGM after due notice has been given.
[c] The door entry fee shall be such amount as the Society shall from time to time decide by resolution at the AGM after due notice has been given.
[d] Any member whose subscription remains unpaid at March 31st shall be considered as having resigned from the Society. Members who are in arrears with their subscriptions will not be eligible to enter the Society’s competitions or to hold office.
[e] Non-members may attend any of the Society’s meetings [with the exception of the Annual General Meeting] by paying the appropriate visitor fee on THREE occasions only during any calendar year, which can be extended at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Thereafter they will be required to join the Society at the appropriate fee less the guest fee excluding the normal entry fee paid by all members.
[f] Any one joining the Society after July 1st shall pay a proportion of the annual subscription at the discretion of the Treasurer.

[a] There shall be at least forty meetings of the Society each year, and a printed programme of events distributed to all members by the Hon Secretary.
The Society’s Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of November, the date to be published in the Society’s Programme.
The Agenda and any Resolutions [duly proposed and seconded] shall be displayed on the notice board at the Society’s meeting room at least twenty-one days in advance of the said meeting.
[ii] The business of the meeting shall include reports from officers of the Society’s General Committee, and the election of members to serve as committee members. An account examiner shall also be elected at this meeting.
[c] The Executive Committee may at any time call an Extraordinary General Meeting of members. Such a meeting may be called within fourteen days of a request, signed by six members, being handed to the Hon Secretary. Notice of such a meeting shall be communicated to every member of the Society either by email, telephone and letter, or verbally at the next regular meeting of the Society, giving fourteen day’s notice of said meeting.

[a] The General Committee of the Society shall consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary, Hon Programme Secretary, Hon Competition and Exhibition Secretary, Hon Publicity Secretary, Hon Editor, Equipment Manager, Hon Social Secretary, and Committee Member. These titles may change at the discretion of the General Committee without reference to the membership.
For the purpose of conducting a committee meeting, FIVE [5] members shall form a quorum.
[c] The Account Examiner shall be elected annually by the Society at the AGM.
[d] There will be no time scale on any elected post.
[e] For the purpose of conducting the Society’s business the following shall constitute the Executive Committee: The Chairman, Hon Treasurer, and Hon Secretary. They shall have the authority to act in an emergency, any such action to be reported at the next or emergency meeting of the full committee.
[f] Should the need arise the Chairman may, with the approval of the General Committee, co-opt any member on to the said Committee.
[g] The Society may elect as President, any member it wishes so to honour, and such member will then be an ex-officio of the Committee. Vice Presidents may be elected at the discretion of the members at the AGM.

[a] The Hon Treasurer shall keep all monies in a Bank or Building Society account, which shall be in the name of the Society.
The Hon Treasurer will produce annually, a summary of the Society’s finances to be audited and signed by the Account Examiner. These examined accounts will be presented at the AGM.
[c] The financial year of the Society will be from October 1st to September 30th.
[d] In the event of the Society being for any reason wound up, all assets when realised will be divided equally between: THE DISABLED PHOTOGRAPHERS SOCIETY [or any such charity as shall replace same], and LOCAL CHARITIES [to be decided by the Executive Committee at that time].

[a] Amendments to this Constitution may be made only by formal motion at an Extraordinary General Meeting. A resolution for amendment, of which notice shall have been given as aforesaid, shall be carried if a majority of the members voting shall vote in favour of it but it shall not be effective until approved.

[a] Changes to all other rules relating to Competitions, Exhibitions and anything not covered by the above Constitution, to become effective shall be carried if a majority of the members voting shall vote in favour of said alteration.
The General Committee may decide on any minor alterations and amendments relating to Competitions, Exhibitions and any other matter, after due notice of any such proposed minor alterations or amendments has been placed on the Notice Board for a period of 21 days.
As passed at EGM in November 2011