Dave Dimond LRPS and Allan Jones LRPS
The speakers at our meeting on Friday 22nd June were two of our own members Dave Dimond LRPS and Allan Jones LRPS
Using projected pictures, Dave told how he and Jean attended the United Arab Amirates representing Wales at the International Festival of Hawkery. As guests, Jean and Dave were taken around to see some of the culture such as Camel Racing.
After coffee, Allan talked about the efforts he has been making in order to achieve an Associateship. We were shown a number of sets of prints including Cuba, Flowers and Steam trains. In the picture below Allan is on the left

Creative Evening
On Friday 15th June, the programme listed "Creative Evening"
Two members brought prints, Steve Bridgen brought prints for suggestions of improvement and John Long brought prints in which he had already cutout the person and placed against a different background.
A number of members brought DPI's and were given suggestions for improvement.
Judge: Quarterly Comp No.2.
On Friday 8th June 2018 our meeting was the showing and results of the 2nd Quarterly. It was judged by RALPH SNOOK ARPS, EFIAP/b, DPAGB, BPE1
Ralph gave us a wonderful evening, making interesting and constructive comments on all of the entries. The competition consisted of 54 prints and 51 D.P.I's

Quarterly Comp No.2 Open Class
Results were as follows:
1st 'Kingfisher - Double Catch' by Gordon Wilcock
2nd 'Biker' by Derek Webber
3rd 'Incarcerated' by Mike Martin


1st 'Red Squirrel Leaping' by Gordon Wilcock
2nd 'Only I Hear Myself' by David Rumsam
3rd 'Greybeard' by Mike Martin

Peter Gennard MFIAP, EFIAP/p
In Friday 18th May 2018, we welcomed Peter Gennard MFIAP, EFIAP/p back to Kingswood PS following a visit several years ago, His talk was titled 'Retrospective' and he showed us prints from the 1980's until the present day.
A great many were street portraits but also included a little landscape and wildlife. The stories which went with almost every print made the evening one to remember.

Outdoor Studio Meeting
The meeting on Friday 11th May was an 'outdoor studio meeting' led by Mike Martin. This took place on and around Royal York Crescent in Bath and featured a super model called Pau.
Photo by Dave Rumsam

AP and FT Trophy Competitions
It will be seen a little further down the page that member MIKE MARTIN was awarded both the AP and FT trophies this year. The FT Trophy had been repaired and renovated by Kevin Poole and in my picture Mike Martin (left) is seen being presented with both trophies by our Chairman, Steve Bridgen.

Richard Baker
On Friday 4th May our visiting speaker was RICHARD BAKER with his talk 'Red Arrows and Street Photography' Richard recounted his year spent photographing the Red Arrows aerobatic team throughout their 40th anniversary year. The story includes many private moments during the dark mornings during winter training in Lincolnshire to the dazzling blue skies of Cyprus and ultimately, to the seaside and air shows around the UK. His reportage and landscapes are unusual in that he used exclusively medium format rangefinder cameras. After the break Richard showed us his Street Photography which included many unusual and original ideas and pictures.

Judge: FT and AP Trophy's Competition.
The judge for the FT and AP Trophy competition was MIKE CURTIS who dealt with each picture individually, offering advice to improve the picture. He then looked at the three pictures together to comment on the three as a set. His remarks were very well received and we considered him to be an excellent judge. Details and results follow this entry.

FT Trophy and AP Trophy Competitions
On Friday 27th April 2018 we held the annual FT and AP Trophy Competitions.
The results were:
Frank Thomas (FT) Trophy Competition for three sets of PRINTS.
1st 'The Awakening' by Mike Martin
2nd 'Love is Colour Blind' by Mike Martin
3rd 'Lansdown Woods' by Derek Webber
HC 'Old Crete' by Bruce Gibbs
HC 'Bikers' by Derek Webber

Andy/Pauline (AP] Trophy Competition for a set of three DPI's
1st 'Banged up' by Mike Martin
2nd 'High Finance' by Bruce Gibbs
3rd 'Gentleman Farmer' by Mike Martin
HC 'Fairytale' by Sue Winkworth
HC 'Drawn into the Light' by Dave Rumsam

Friday 20th April 2018 was a rather special evening as our speakers were two of "our own" Adrian Herring ARPS, DPAGB and Vanessa Herring LRPS with their talk "From the calm of Sri Lanka to the Frenzy of India" We saw some excellent pictures of both places, people, places, wildlife, buildings etc, all with very clear and informative narrative. Good to see both prints and DPI's as illustrations.

David Bathard FRPS, AWPF
Friday 13th April 2018 was a feast of monochrome prints by our speaker DAVID BATHARD FRPS, AWPF with his talk "My Approach to Monochrome"
He started the evening with a few individual prints then launched into his usual display of Panels of prints. We saw some panels from the darkroom of the ruins of Brighton Pier and this was followed by panels of digital prints including A Welsh Lime Quarry, a set of the Port Talbot Works, and his successful AWPF (Associate of the Welsh Photographic Federation) Panel. The final panel was from a visit to Shepton Mallet Prison. Probably the best monochrome print evening we see for a long time to come.

Tony Cooper ARPS
On Friday 6th April 2018, our speaker was TONY COOPER ARPS showing us the prints which were created by himself, Peter Brisley ARPS and the late Gordon James FRPS.
These formed an Exhibition called "SPIKE ISLAND" which the trio of photographers created over a period of two years. They had been on display at the Create Centre in Bristol, and a selection by the RPS.
It was a fascinating evening when Tony told stories about many of the prints and the people photographed. Excellent monochrome photography with just a small number of prints in colour. (photo by Dave Rumsan)

Digital Workshop
On Friday 23rd March 2017 our speaker was a long-standing friend of KPS RAY GRACE ARPS, DPAGB conducting a Digital Workshop. In the first half Ray dealt with Luminosity blending and after coffee with ways in which he dealt with his images through the Raw Convertor. As ever a most interesting evening.

Graham Fisher
On Friday 16th March 2018, our speaker was GRAHAM FISHER with his talk 'The Rise and Rise of the Camera Phone'

Graham has a background as a Chartered Electrical and Electronic Engineer and by profession spent many years within Research and Development for telecommunications companies. With his considerable knowledge in this industry, he demonstrated with many photographic examples how the quality of camera phones has dramatically improved since the first one was introduced in 1992. Graham showed that the level of improvement has been so great, that in certain conditions, the camera phone produces an image with a better tonal range than a good quality camera.-

At the end of evening, Graham presented digital images which members of the Bath Photographic Society had submitted for a ‘Smart Phone Competition’. After a vote, a snow covered landscape was deemed the winner. This was most extraordinary because Graham revealed that, coincidentally, it was the same one members had chosen at the Bath meeting!
On Friday 9th March we welcomed a new visitor to KPS - NICK CABLE CPAGB,BPE3
This was Nick's first visit and he told us "My talk gives you an insight into my journey in the digital world, I will be showing a range of my images both old and new including images taken for commissioned shoots and discussing some of the technical issues (in a non-technical way!) that I have encountered and how by working around them, it has changed the way I photograph today. Remember the camera DOES lie!
I am currently a member of the f8 Image Group and run workshops with a friend where I really enjoy teaching others and inspiring them to take better images. More of my work can be seen on my website
Nick showed us many techniques which were interesting, such as 'Before and After' pictures, Stitching images together etc and he finished with pictures from a visit to Norway.

Judge: 1st Quarterley Competition 2018
The judge for our first Quarterly competition for 2018 was in the person of Hilary Britland. I was not able to be present but I understand Hilary gave us a quite wonderful set of comments on our work.

My photograph is from Hilary's last visit!

1st Quarterly Competition 2018
The First Quarterly Competition 2018 was held on Friday 23rd 2018 and the results were as follows;
1st 'Shadow Dancer' by Mike Martin
2nd 'Harbour Masters Cottage' by Gordon Wilcock
3rd 'Female Sparrow Hawk Watching Prey' by Gordon Wilcock

1st 'Blue Tit on Thistle' by Jean Dimond
2nd 'Close Encounter' by Vanessa Herring
3rd 'Mist in the Blue Hour' by Elizabeth Restall

On Sunday 18th February 2018 two of our members, Mike Jupp and Steve Bridgen attended this event in Exeter on behalf of KPS. We came very respectable 12th out of 57 clubs.
We were delighted that Mike Martin was awarded a ribbon for his picture 'Comtemplation' and Vanessa Herring an HC for her picture 'Pensive'
Print and DPI Critique Evening.
On Friday 16th February 2018 we held the occasional Print and DPI Critique Evening with the idea of assisting some of our members who maybe are in need of advice. There was only one set of prints, but number of DPI sets to consider.
The evening ended with a set of pictures from Tony Cooper on the subject of "Bath in the Countryside" His view of Bath contained a lot of trees!