David Lowe ARPS. DPAGB
On Friday 4th September, our visiting speaker was David Lowe ARPS. DPAGB with his talk "Picture Mix" This was David's first visit to KPS, and an evening which we shall remember with pleasure. An eclectic mix of subject matter, all excellent prints, people pictures, landscapes and other subjects, all delivered with an interesting and amusing commentary.

Pictures from the Summer Outings
On Friday 28th August, members were invited to bring along their favourite pictures from all of the summer outings. It was interesting to observe that despite being together in one place for a few hours, the pictures shown were in many cases quite different. All were shown as projected images.
W.C.P.F. Print Critique
On Friday 21st August we viewed some of the prints which had been entered for the WCPF Members' Exhibition, but despite high marks, had not been exhibited due to space restrictions. An interesting and enjoyable evening!
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Friday 14th August - Change of Speaker
There was an inevitable change to the scheduled presentation by Steven Marsh of the current Single Lens Translucent range offered by Sony due to his experiencing heart problems and no other member of staff being available at short notice. Instead, KPS were very delighted to accept the offer from one of its own members, Adrian Herring ARPS, DPAGB to give a talk he calls Variety is the Spice of my Photography. This was a print talk where Adrian demonstrated the impact light and seasons have on a location, the effect created by different types of Fotospeed paper (Adrian is one of the Fotospeed Photographer) and the use of a Photoshop plug-in and camera functions. It proved to be an informative and excellent evening with a great deal of interaction and interest from those present. We are very grateful to Adrian for stepping into the breach and offer our heartfelt thanks.

KPS Permanent Collection
On Friday 7th August, John Long presented the prints from the KPS Permanent Collection. In the first half, John displayed the prints which had been awarded the Bennett-Salanson Bowl for the best print in the Annual Exhibition. After the break, all the other prints from various members over the years were shown. In addition the three Photo Albums containing pictures of various events over the years were available to be viewed by members.

Summer Outing
On Friday 31st July, the last of the summer outings was to CLEVEDON. Pictures will shortly appear on the Social page, courtesy of Joanne Searle.
On Friday 24th July, our speaker was CLIVE HAYNES FRPS with a talk "Pandora's Box" which consisted a multitude of creative and possibly outrageous ideas presented in Clive's usual enthusiastic manner! After the refreshment break, Clive showed us some of his pictures which had been enhanced by the use of Topaz plug-in filters. The before and after pictures were quite enlightening showing the difference obtained by just a touch of Topaz. We also saw several AV's, one of which was a 3D which needed the special spectacles. Members also enjoyed the display of prints. A great evening!

Summer Night out - Bathampton
On Friday 17th July, members gathered and enjoyed an evening along the canal at Bathampton.
More pictures on the Social Page!

Bernice Deane LRPS
I am delighted to announce that one of our members - Bernice Deane - was successful in being awarded a Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society. Bernice is seen here with her successful Panel -

Robert Harvey BA, ARPS, EFIAP
On Friday 10th July, our speaker was - Robert Harvey BA, ARPS, EFIAP with his talk 'Landscapes for all seasons' The talk was split into four sections according to the seasons and illustrations shown. An evening when we were able to glean hints concerning things to look out for during various times of the year. The illustration below was from the summer section of the talk. 'North Meadow, Cricklade'

Studio 2
Friday 3rd July was a Studio Night organised and run by Mike Martin. Our models were Kelly and Paul who were great fun and excellent models. Below are pictures showing members in action both outdoor and indoor together with a shot of them together in the studio.

Sid Jones
As photographers, we enjoy taking photographs, but what do we know about its history? Well, on Friday 26th June members of Kingswood Photographic Society discovered more about its initiators and iconic photographers.

Our speaker, Sid Jones, a member of Dorchester Camera Club, began his presentation, in the early 19th Century, when Nicéphore Niépce and fellow Frenchman, Jacques Louis Daguerre, and the Englishman William Henry Fox Talbot were discovering how to produce a photographic image.

During the second part of our evening, Sid told us about some of the iconic photographers of our time such as, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston and Elliott Erwitt.

Sid spoke with knowledge, enthusiasm and humour but it was his passion for the subject which made his talk all the more interesting. Also, the way he put it together made it especially meaningful.

The factors which had an impression on Sid were the sharpness and quality of the early photographs and the rapid progression in such a relatively short period of time. At the turn of the 19th Century Sid suggested that there was a move towards more people owning cameras, a situation that has continued up to this day.
(photo: Vanessa Herring)

Summer Night Out
Friday 19h June. Members and friends enjoyed an evening out at the Bath Botanical Gardens.
Evening visit to Portishead Marina
Friday June 5th was an evenings' photography at Portishead Marina. A good number of members enjoyed the evening, and they all look very pleased with themselves.
Photo: Joanne Searle

Friday 29th was a very unusual meeting, as we arrived to see tables set out facing the print display board. David was introduced and we all sat (a little like school) facing the speaker. The evening was basically about discussing prints, explaining our feelings and possibly identifying an individual style. Later we moved to mix up the table members who discussed and analysed the work of one, who eventually took the print to the board and told us why they took and printed it. There were several other experiments with members talking about the 'why and wherefores' of their work.

Quarterly No.2
Our second Quarterly Competition was held on Friday 22nd May was judged by BOB STEADMAN AWPF Bob is a new Judge as far as we are concerned and is from the Welsh Federation. There was a good entry for Bob to consider, which he did in detail and we thank him for his consideration.

Quarterly No.2. Open
1st 'Red Hot Poker Heads' by Kevin James
2nd 'Cormorant in Flight' by Vanessa Herring
3rd 'Grotto' by Kevin James

1st 'Chinese Dancers' by Sue Winkworth
2nd 'Distorted Figures' by Vanessa Herring
3rd 'Wilding' by Mike Martin

Quarterly No.2. Intermediate
1st 'Gannet' by Gordon Wilcock
2nd 'Sunset on the Severn' by Bernice Deane
3rd 'Reflections' by Gordon Wilcock

1st 'Forlorn' by Chris Deane
2nd 'River Taxi' by Bernice Deane
3rd 'Gas Lamp Trader' by Chris Deane

On Friday 15th May we welcomed SHEILA HAYCOX ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP with "An evening of prints with Sheila" This evening commenced with three large print boxes and evolved into a fascinating series of pictures, literally from around the world!
So many differing subjects ranging from Asian Children, Scottish landscapes and Pelicans!
A most enjoyable meeting. The photograph below illustrated Sheila with her 'A' Panel

Evening out - Severn Bridge
Friday 8th May was the first evening out - members met at Aust to photograph the area around the Severn Bridge. The weather wasn't kind, but pictures were taken despite the weather! (Picture by Kevin Poole)