For our first speaker in 2015 we were delighted to welcome John Cooke, ARPS DPAGB AWPF EFIAP who explained his journey to gaining his many distinctions. It was an excellent opportunity to those members who are looking to apply for photographic awards.
The first half of the evening we enjoyed his AWPF and ARPS print panels, also the individual prints which gained him the DPAGB where he indicated marks gained for each print. In the second half we were shown a number of AV sequences which rounded off a very successful evening.

Competition winners & Clubman of the Year
After the final Quarterly Competition last week, the winners are seen here with their trophies.
Left to right: Mike Martin Open Class DPI's and the Creative Trophy Tankard. Gynnys Poole Intermediate DPI's and Adrian Herring Open Prints. Missing from the group is John Sparrow, Intermediate Prints winner

Each year we award the trophy for the 'Clubman of the Year' and this is to a person who is NOT a committee member but who, in the opinion of the committee, has given great service to the society. This year the person receiving the "Jug" is Mike Martin seen left.

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Christmas meeting
At the meeting on Friday 19th, we viewed the pictures taken during the year on all of the outings. The judging of the prints was by the audience on a 'knock-out' system and the eventual winner was our Programme Secretary, Adrian Herring, seen below with the winning print, and being presented with the beautiful trophy by our Social Secretary, Kevin Poole.
This trophy was very kindly donated by Kevin.
The meeting then enjoyed coffee and food brought by the members, and a most enjoyable social time with each other. Even the food was presented creatively!!

Quarterly Competition No.4
The Judge for the final Quarterly Competition 2014 was MARGARET COLLIS ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB, HonEFIAP who gave an excellent critique on our work.

The final results for the year were as follows:

Open Prints
1st Adrian Herring
2nd Elizabeth Restall
3rd John Long

Open DPI's
1st Mike Martin
Jnt 2nd Sue Winkworth and Adrian Herring

Intermediate Prints
1st Glynnys Poole
2nd John Sparrow
3rd Chris Deane

Intermediate DPI's
1st John Sparrow
2nd Chris Deane
Jnt 3rd Glynnys Poole and Dave Rumsam

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Quarterly No.4 Open Class
1st 'Hoping for a better life' by Adrian Herring
2nd 'Sea, Sand and Foam' Elizabeth Restall
3rd 'The Shaman' by John Long

1st 'James and his discarded hat' by Vanessa Herring
2nd 'Dusky Maids' by Ray Reeves
3rd 'Pensteman Study' by Kevin James

Quarterly No.4 Intermediate
1st 'Thermal Pool' by Bernice Deane
2nd 'Shoreline' by Glynnys Poole
3rd 'Fresia' by Glynnys Poole

1st 'Hayley' by David Rumsam
2nd 'The White Queen' by John Sparrow
3ed 'Misty Sunset' by Chris Deane

Shaun Boycott-Taylor ARPS, AFIAP
Friday 5th December brought a past member of KPS - SHAUN BOYCOTT-TAYLOR - to us, with his talk 'A passion for wildlife'
Shaun demonstrated with projected images how he created two hides locally and the pictures taken from them. We were later taken to The Farne Islands, Bass Rock, Scotland and Florida with many fine bird pictures, also butterflies and other small animals. An excellent evening!

Andy Beel FRPS
On Friday 28th November, our speaker was one of our own members ANDY BEEL FRPS a Professional Photographer who specialises in Monochrome Photography. The title of his talk was "The Digital Monochrome Print" This was a masterclass in technique and I am sure many members were in awe when seeing an A3 print straight from the camera, side by side with the finished mounted print.
After coffee, Andy used projection to show some his post processing techniques both in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Annual General Meeting
The AGM was held on Friday 21st November and went smoothly in all respects. The new Committee are as follows:

President and Webmaster: John Long
Chairman: Geoffrey Nash
Hon. Secretary: Fay Rogers
Hon. Treasurer: Joanne Searle
Hon. Joint Programme Secretaries: Adrian and Vanessa Herring
Hon. Competition and Exhibition Secretary: Arthur Lees
Equipment Manager: Alan Searle
Hon. Publicity Secretary: Eric Pleydell
Hon. Social Secretary: Kevin Poole
Committee Members: Jean Dimond and Chris Deane
Presentation to Mike Martin
Our entry to the Western Counties Photographic Federation's KINGSWOOD SALVER COMPETITION this year did not get into the frame, but Mike Martin's print in our panel was awarded the second best individual print in the competition. Mike is eeen here (left) being presented with with his certificate by Chairman Adrian Herring.

Annual Exhibition, Open Class DPI's
lst Pictorial: 'Telling the Truth' by Adrian Herring
1st People: 'Between Lessons' by Elizabeth Restall
1st Record and Applied: 'We can see Clearly Now' by Vanessa Herring
1st Nature: 'Pouting Chimp Ngamba Island'

Annual Exhibition, Open Class Prints
1st Pictorial: 'Gower Horses in Heavy Snow' by Adrian Herring
1st People: 'Hoping for a Better Life' by Adrian Herring
1st Nature: 'Impala in Early Morning Mist' by Vanessa Herring
1st Record and Applied: 'The Staircase' by Joanne Searle
'The Staircase' also awarded Best Monochrome Print and Best Print in the Exhibition

Annual Exhibition, Intermediate Class
Print Class
Cup and 1st place; 'Wet Buffet' by David Rumsam

DPI Class
Cup and 1st place: 'Leaving' by David Rumsam

On Friday 14th November the Annual Exhibition was displayed before an excellent attendance from members and friends. Individual winners will be displayed in due course, but this is a photographs of the cup winners. Left to Right, Adrian Herring, Vanessa Herring Joanne Searle, David Rumsam, Elizabeth Restall

The Chairman's Evening
Not often we get a husband/wife team as our speakers, but on Friday 7th November KPS Chairman ADRIAN HERRING ARPS was joined by VANESSA HERRING LRPS his wife to present "Uganda - What an Experience"
Their adventures during a month-long visit touring the country included photography of wildlife, landscape, people and rural life. The very moving photographs of children at a charity school were, for me, the highlight of the evening.
Ronald Miller 1923 - 2014
It is with great regret that I report the death of our oldest and longest serving member RONALD MILLER who passed away on Saturday 1st December.

Ronald joined the society in 1949 and served on the committee in a number of positions including President, Chairman and Competition Secretary. Ronald was a regular attender until he retired and moved to Beer in Devon in the 1980's, when he and Audrey his wife, joined the Sidmouth Photo Club.

Ronald enjoyed the status of Kingswood's highest honour, that of Life Membership. he followed our activities through reading our website reports and enjoying our on-line Newsletter Infinity Extra.

AV Forum
Friday 31st October was our annual AV Forum evening and whilst we are aware that Audio Visual isn't everyone's most popular subject, we did indeed have an excellent evening with no less than 18 sequences being shown. Thanks to Jean Dimond, Tony Withers, Brenda Sparrow, John Sparrow, Sue Winkworth, Joanne Searle, Arthur Lees, John Long and the late Val Rawlins.
Ed Cloutman EFIAP
This evening, October 24th, the members were given information concerning a style of photography which is relatively unknown to us. This is Astro-photography. Our Speaker ED CLOUTMAN EFIAP brought along his unusual camera which when coupled to a telescope and other equipment, produces pictures of stars, planets and galaxies. Later in the evening, Ed gave details of how he produced his books of photographs using BLURB software and printing.

Leigh Woolford AWPF, EFIAP
Our guest speaker on Friday 17th October was LEIGH WOOLFORD AWPF, EFIAP with his talk 'A Search for Focus' As first-time speaker at KPS, his presentation was a mixture of differing styles of photography - in all of which he emphasised his search of "WHY" he took the picture. His passion for Motor Sport, landscape and urban photography defied the fact that he said he was a bewildered photographer. A most enjoyable evening.

James Osmond
On Friday 10th October, our speaker was JAMES OSMOND - a "first time" speaker to KPS with his talk 'The Art of Landscape Photography'
James showed projected images dealing with composition and lighting, and after the coffee-break, he demonstrated some of his digital techniques to achieve his desired result in his print.