Critique Evening
On Friday 3rd October, the club members critiqued the DPI's and Prints which were seen last week in the 3rd Quarterly Competition. Surprisingly, lots of members joined in the discussion! An interesting evening.
Quarterly Competition No.3
On Friday 26th September, we held our 3rd Quarterly Competition which attracted an entry of 61 prints and 64 D.P.I's Our judge for the evening was David Southwell ARPS, AFIAP who gave his considered thoughts on each entry, and allowing more time to comment on the Intermediate class.

Open Class - Prints
1st 'Lulu' by Mike Martin
2nd True Love or is it the Drink Talking? by Adrian Herring
3rd 'Berneray Beach, Uist' by Elizabeth Restall

Open Class - DPI's
1st 'Arctic Landscape' by Sue Winkworth
2nd 'Clifftop Walk' by Andy Coffin
3rd 'Dakhari' by Mike Martin

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Quarterly Competition No.3 Intermediate
Intermediate Class Prints
1st 'The Model' by Brenda Sparrow
2nd 'St.Basil's at Night by John Sparrow
3rd 'Sailor's Delight' by Chris Deane

Intermediate Class D.P.I's
1st 'Blue Nigella' by Chris Deane
2nd 'Girl in a Spin' by John Sparrow
3rd 'Lady in Red' by John Sparrow

On Friday 19th September, we were delighted to welcome Chris Palmer FRPS, AFIAP, DPAGB, APAGB on a return visit to us with his latest talk "A Personal Response" Chris finished his earlier visit with several pictures of Iceland, and he commenced this talk with his well known picture of two Icelandic Ponies. We were treated to many Iceland pictures which clearly showed his personal approach to photography. After some 'arty' pictures in the second half of the evening we were led into his recent Fellowship Panel. It was an evening of outstanding photography!

Summer Images
On Friday 12th September, members were invited to bring along the images from the various outings which took place during the summer. This proved to be most interesting to see the variety of pictures taken at each event. Members were reminded that at the Christmas Evening - December 19th - there would be a competition to find the best overall picture and the winner would receive the beautiful vase from Bristol Glass, donated by our Social Secretary Kevin Poole.
I include two picture I "stole" during the evening, the first by Alan Searle and the second my Chris Deane.

Visit to Fenton House
On Friday 5th September, our meeting took place at the RPS headquarters in Bath. The visit started with coffee and a viewing of the current Print Exhibition of the work of Regional Organisers.
35 members were treated to a series of successful 'L' 'A' and 'F' panels of prints with comments by the Distinctions Manager Andy Moore and Peter Hayes. A very informative evening!

iPhone photograph; courtesy Kevin Poole LRPS
Portrait evening with James Artaius
August 29th was a portrait evening when our model was James Artaius, alias Cocaine James; who is a multi talented, published, kick ass, rock god model.
This was a treat for the lady members!

Ten Minutes of Fame
Our meeting on Friday 8th August was titled TEN MINUTES OF FAME and featured the following members - all volunteers, no arms were twisted!

Prints: Linda Horne, Mike Martin, Derek Webber and Geoff Nash

DPI's: Fay Rogers, Bernice Deane, Chris Deane, Gordon James and Derek Dorset

We saw some excellent pictures which bodes well for the forthcoming competitions and exhibition.
Bath Botanical Gardens
On Friday 1st August a number of our members braved the weather and met at BATH BOTANICAL GARDENS
Photograph by Pat Bryan

Andrew Marker ARPS
25 July we welcomed to KPS Andrew Marker ARPS who, in the first half of the evening, showed prints ranging from his darkroom days to the present time when he has become a digital photographer. We were privileged to have been shown his recent successful ARPS and he shared his thinking behind producing a panel of small prints, showing water reflections mainly taken in Venice.

The second half of the evening was devoted to audio visual sequences covering a range of locations - some stunning rock formations in Devon, the beauty of Scotland as well as Tuscany and Venice, including Venice Carnival.

An evening enjoyed by all KPS members as well as visitors to KPS
Evening at Temple Meads Station
On Friday 18th July a number of members enjoyed an evening at Temple Meads Station. More details and pictures on the Social Page.

David Rowley
Friday 11th July featured David Rowley with his "Photoshop - an interactive live demo"
David was last with us in 2005, and since then we have had several new versions of Photoshop, Elements and now Lightroom. He demonstrated some of the features of all three programs and made everything look so easy!
You are invited to visit his website (which is

Evening in Bath
The meeting on Friday 4th July was an outdoor meeting with the "Bizarre Bath" Walk.

Susan Brown FRPS., EFIAP
On Friday 27th June our visiting speaker was SUSAN BROWN FRPS, EFIAP with her talk 'Composition - are there any rules?'
Susan projected a great number of her picture to illustrate certain points concerning composition. After the break we were treated to a wonderful display of her prints, many of the style we have come to associate with her - swimming pools and similar water based pictures. A sheer pleasure to view such inspiring work!

Happy 91st Birthday Ronald!
Members of Kingswood P.S join to wish our longest serving member (actually Life Member)
Ronald.G.Miller, a very happy 91st Birthday. Ronald, who lives with his wife Audrey in Beer, Devon - was our Chairman for many years. Illustrated below is one of Ron's monochrome pictures from the 1957 Annual Exhibition, it's called 'Music Maker'

Summer Outing, Severn Bridge and Aust
On Friday evening 20th June, a number of members and friends took part in a walk around (and along) the Severn Bridge. Naturally, refreshments were later needed!

Studio Evening
Friday 13th June was one of the infrequent Studio Evenings, and our model for the evening was Dakhari who comes from Kuala Lumpur. Some photographs were taken in the churchyard, utilising tree backgrounds etc, followed by the inevitable crush in the clubroom. I managed to grab a couple of shots for the website. Lots of pictures taken and an enjoyable evening - thanks to Mike Martin for making all the arrangements.

Outing to Portishead
This took place on Friday 6th June and was a great success
(Photo courtesy of Joanne Searle)

David Boag
Our meeting on Friday 30th May brought DAVID BOAG from Blandford in Dorset to present his talk "The World of a Wildlife Photographer" David is a return visitor to KPS and showed pictures from many parts of the world. He emphasised the fact that we as amateur photographers have the same chance of good pictures as a professional. The slogan for the evening was "YOU can do it"

Quarterly No.2 Intermediate Class
1st 'Fjallsjokull Glacier' by Glynnys Poole
2nd 'Sparkle' by John Sparrow
3rd 'Glass Blower' by Fay Rogers

1st 'Venetian Sunrise' by John Sparrow
2nd 'Skycity Auckland' by Chris Deane
3rd 'Sea Holly' by Glynnys Poole