Quarterly No.2 Open Class
1st 'My Mum says my Pink sandals match my sweater!' Adrian Herring
2nd 'Daffodil Study by Kevin James
3rd 'The Gardener's Jacket' by Steve Murnan

1st 'Sunset over the Western Islands' by Sue Winkworth
2nd 'Millenium Square Wheel' by Mike Martin
3rd 'Working with Metal' by Elizabeth Restall

2nd Quarterly Competition 2014
Our Judge for this competition on Friday 23th May was HILARY BRITLAND who gave her comments in a succinct manner with kindly comments and advice. Hilary had obviously spent a great deal of time analysing our work, and we were very impressed with her as a Judge visiting us for the first time.

Hermione Nicholls LRPS
KPS member Mrs Hermione Nicholls LRPS is seen here with a certificate for her Highly Commended entry in the W.C.P.F Knightshayes Trophy Competition. Hermione told the members of the pleasure that she and her late husband Nick had received over the past 20 plus years in being members of KPS.

Allen Lloyd ARPS, AWPF
On Friday 16th May ALLEN LLOYD ARPS, AWPF was our speaker with his talk 'A Digital Miscellany'
Allen told us that one of his passions was bird photography and he demonstrated his skills with a terrific variety of birds both perched and in flight. Landscape is also an important part of his photographic accomplishments and Yellowstone in Winter and the Wye Valley were beautifully demonstrated. Allen is seen here (left) with our Chairman Adrian Herring ARPA, DPAGB.

On Friday 9th May we were treated to a memorable evening by Peter Rees FRPS, MFIAP, EFIAP/p with his talk " A Printer's Progress" Peter showed a mix of darkroom and digital prints, both mono and colour. There was a very wide range of subject matter from the UK and many parts of the world, delivered with subtle humour and interest. Lots of quotes, my favourite one being "95% of Judges give the rest a bad name!"

Successes at the Cheltenham International Salon
We were recently encouraged to enter the Cheltenham International Salon and several members were successful in getting acceptances.
Vanessa Herring. Ribbon in Experimental, 1 in Open Colour, 1 in Open Mono
Adrian Herring. 3 in Open Colour including RPS Gold Medal, 3 in Travel, 2 in Nature and 1 in Experimental
Sue Winkworth. 1 in Open Colour, 2 in Travel
Joanne Searle. 2 in Mono
John Long. 3 in Experimental
See below - left image is Adrian's and right is Vanessa's

Peter Siviter EFIAP
Our guest speaker on Friday 2nd May was PETER SIVITER EFIAP with "A KIND OF MAGIC" The evening consisted of a selection of prints - mainly street photography. Peter attends festivals at places like Edinburgh, Blackpool, Whitby etc to capture interesting faces to combine with other places and backgrounds. After coffee we were entertained with Audio Visual presentations, which shows Peter's excellent technique, especially with movement in Pictures to Exe. I must confess my favourite was a sequence taken in Amsterdam called just 'Bicycles'

AP and FT Trophies Competition
This popular evening gave our judge Tony Byram ARPS, DPAGB, AWPF, EFIAP quite a task as there were 33 entries for the AP (Andy Pauline Trophy) for sets of three related projected images and 25 entries for the FT (Frank Thomas Trophy) for three related prints.

AP Trophy:
Winner Mike Martin
2nd Adrian Herring
3rd Mike Martin
HC Kevin Poole
C Vanessa Herring
C Joanne Searle

FT Trophy:
Winner Jean Dimond
2nd Derek Webber
3rd John Long
HC Hilary Kay
C Trevor Toms

Colin Harrison FRPS
On Friday 11th April our visiting speaker was Colin Harrison FRPS with his talk "A Digital Adventure - Looking at Images"
Colin is a very well-known Exhibitor and this evening we saw many of his successful award-winning creative images. In many instances Colin shown alternative versions of the same image indicating which was successful and the reasons. A fascinating evening!

Peter Phillips - Presentation of Certificate
The President of the WCPF - Eddy Lane ARPS, DPAGB, AFIAP - was present at our meeting on Friday 4th April, and presented our member Peter Phillips with his DPAGB Certificate.

On Friday 4th April, we welcomed a new speaker to KPS - with his talk "Merv's Pics, tips and tricks" - Mervyn Pugh MFIAP, EFIAP,ARPS,DPAGB,AWPF - charmed us with his pictures and his tips on camera techniques,good composition and other helpful comments which suited everyone, whatever their level of expertise.
After coffee, we saw excellent prints and comparisons with the same picture on different papers, which proved to be most interesting and informative.

Outing to Newent
Some of our members visited the 'Birds of Prey' Centre at Newent yesterday - I understand the shutters were hot hot!!

Ian Wade
Our visitor on Friday 28th March was a new speaker to our programme - IAN WADE with his talk "Under an Asian Sky".
Ian explained how he enjoyed a 5 month trip in many Asian countries capturing wildlife, landscapes and people. He followd this up after the coffee break with the life of Toads and Frogs. A fascinating evening!

Michael Krier ARPS, MA
On Friday 21st March we welcomed a new speaker to the Society - Michael Krier ARPS, MA from Cheltenham, with his talk "Photography by Degrees"
The talk had a sub-title 'Photography with a purpose' and Michael proceeded to tell us of his introduction to photography as a lad with his Father's camera - through his student photography days and in latter years returning to University to attain an MA in Photography. Some most interesting pictures mixed with images from other fellow students in the assignments they tackled.

The Lads from Somerset
On Friday 14th March, three of our own members, Kevin Scott LRPS, Del Hannington LRPS and David Thomas presented "Perspectives" this being their current photographic thinking and projects in hand. Each had a different approach and presented their work with projected images and prints. These three work together each week and we understand they are empowered by cakes! In fact they provided cakes for the coffee break! Seen below - left to right, Kevin, David and Del

New Members Work and Critique Evening
On Friday 7th March, a good number of new members brought both prints and projected images for display and for critique. The consensus of opinion was that it was a worthwhile and successful evening.
Ian Bateman FRPS
On Friday 28th February, IAN BATEMAN FRPS presented "Something old, Something New" This was Ian's first visit to KPS with his inspiring and entertaining Audio Visual Sequences. Ian was the first person to be awarded an FRPS and MPAGB in Digital AV and is the Chairman of the RPS International AV Festival. This was an outstanding evening.

Quarterly Competition No.1. Open Class
Our first Quarterly of the year was judged by Eddy Lane ARPS, DPAGP, AFIAP currently President of the W.C.P.F, who gave detailed and helpful comments on all the entries.

1st 'Ngamba Island Chimp' by Adrian Herring
2nd: 'Charlotte - Lady of the Lake' by Mike Martin
3rd: 'Temple Meads Station' by Andy Coffin

Quarterly Competition No.1 Open Class
1st 'A Mother's Love' by Alison Price
2nd 'Ballerina' by Sue Winkworth
Joint 3rd 'Tern on Frozen Water' by Vanessa Herring
'Textile Market Stallholder, Urhganda' by Adrian Herring

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