Quarterly Competition No.4 Open Class
Our judge was Tony Byram ARPS, DPAGB, AWPF, EFIAP, who gave great attention to our work and offered his comments on each entry.

1st 'Vale of Mist, Pewsey' by John Hoddinott
2nd 'Moldavian Nuns restoring a Monastery' by Adrian Herring
3rd 'The Kitchen Window' by John Long

1st 'Pewsey Fog' by Andy Coffin
2nd 'Flooded Levels' by Andy Coffin
3rd 'Navigation Posts and Buoys' by Elizabeth Restall

Quarterly Competition No.4 Intermediate Class
1st 'Old Thirty Two' by Steve Murnam
2nd 'Wet Buffet' by David Rumsam
3rd 'Kate' by Steve Murnam

1st 'Foel Goch' by Arthur Lees
2nd 'Sgwd Gwladus, Brecon Beacons' by Fay Rogers
3rd 'Winding Way' by Arthur Lees

Final results for Quarterly Competitions
The final results after four Quarterly Competitions are as follows:

Open Class Prints:
lst & Trophy: Adrian Herring 19 points
2nd John Long 18 points
3rd John Hoddinott 16 points

Open Class D.P.I's
1st & Trophy: Andy Coffin 22 points
2nd Elizabeth Restall 16 points
3rd Adrian Herring 12 points

Intermediate Class Prints
1st & Trophy: Steve Murnam 32 points
2nd Arthur Lees 16 points
3rd John Sparrow 11 points

Intermediate Class D.P.I's
1st & Trophy: Arthur Lees 29 points
2nd Ian Thomson 13 points
3rd David Rumsam 12 points

Creative Trophy
1st & Trophy: Mike Martin 6 points
2nd Elizabeth Restall 4 points
3rd John Long 3 points
Color Munki Demonstration
On Friday 6th December, our Equipment Manager, Alan Searle LRPS, gave a graphic hands-on demonstration of the capabilities of the Color Munki equipment. This equipment is available for free hire by society members.
This was followed by the showing of successful panels by Peter Phillips LRPS, DPAGB (his DPAGB panel) and Joanne Searle ARPS, AFIAP, AWPF, CPAGB (her AWPF panel.) Andy coffin concluded the meeting by showing his two successful prints from the recent "24 hours in Bristol" Competition.

John Gould FRPS
On Friday 29th November we welcomed back to Kingswood PS, JOHN GOULD FRPS with his talk "All the Colours of the rainbow - revisited" John is a master of toned darkroom black and white prints and he divulged many of his techniques. He showed his passion for portrait photography and for landscape work.

John Chamberlin FRPS, MFIAP, APAGB
On Friday 22nd November, we were delighted to welcome John Chamberlin FRPS, MFIAP, APAGB back to Kingswood PS. We were treated to a digitally projected presentation of landscapes and wildlife from such places as the Falkland Islands, USA, Japan, Bulgaria and not forgetting Cornwall and Scotland. The informative commentary which accompanied the presentation was often humorous and light-hearted, but also contained many gems which gave us food for thought. A wonderful evening!

Print display at Kingswood Library
We have a three week display of our prints at Kingswood Library. Thank you to everyone who let me have a print to use.

Andy Coffin's Success!
You may remember that we recently announced that a Photo Competition was being held - '24 hours in Bristol' and our member Andy Coffin was keen enough to enter. Over 1000 pictures were submitted from which 70 were short listed, included two of Andy's. I am delighted to announce that he won! His prize was a camera and cash. This is the winning picture -

Annual Exhibition - Digitally Projected Images
The main awards in the D.P.I classes are as follows:

Best DPI in the Exhibition Open Class "The Long Road" by Andy Beel
Best Colour DPI in Exhibition "Stalking the Gentry" by Andy Coffin
1st place Pictorial Category "Tormented Soul" by Mike Martin
1st place People Category "Gracie" by Joanne Searle
1st place Nature Category "Lioness at Sunrise" by Alison Price
1st place Record/Applied Category "Thoughts of Yesteryear" by Joanne Searle
Best DPI Intermediate Class "The Wing Walkers" by John Langley

Annual Exhibition - Prints
The results of the main awards in the Exhibition are as follows:

1st in Pictorial Class and Best Print in the Exhibition "Tunnel Vision" by Mike Martin
1st in People Category and Best Mono Print in the Exhibition "Sea Witch" by Mike Martin
1st in Nature Category "South Alaskan Brown Bear" by Bob Ryan
1st in Record/Applied Category " Chapter House Steps" by Joanne Searle
1st in Intermediate Category and Best Print in Intermediate Class "Bleak Trail" by Arthur Lees

Annual Exhibition 8th November 2013
Our Annual Exhibition was considered to be a great success, with good attendance from members and friends. Our Judges also commented on the quality of the work.
A full set of winning pictures will be uploaded as soon as possible, but in the meanwhile, here are the winners with their trophies.
(left to right) Bob Ryan, Alison Price, Vince Reeves, Andy Beel, Joanne Searle, John Langley and Mike Martin.

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Chris Weston
On Friday 1st November, our guest speaker was CHRIS WESTON a specialist nature photographer who is well-known for his photography of endangered species. His presentation was 'Animals on the edge'
His work is published globally with clients including the BBC, ITV, and many national newspapers and magazines. His enthusiasm for his subject came over very persuasively, and we were treated to many great pictures.

On Friday 25th October, one of our own members ANDY BEEL FRPS presented "The Untitled Monochrome Talk"
Andy showed A2 and A3 prints in his recognisable style together with information and helpful tips, especially on his preferred Lightroom techniques. In view of the subject of his talk, I thought I should convert my photograph to monochrome!

Photo Knowledge Day
On Sunday 13th October, 20 KPS members attended the 'Photo Knowledge Day' held at Wick Village Hall and led by LEIGH PRESTON FRPS

It was an inspiring day and I feel sure that everyone benefitted from the experience. Leigh's vast knowledge and experience, coupled with humour - and excellent photographs -
gave us much to think about and reflect upon.
Our thanks go to Vanessa Herring for making the initial arrangements and also to Peter Phillips for the vast amount of work needed to organise the day.
Paul Keene FRPS
Our speaker on Friday 11th October was a new visitor to the society, PAUL KEENE FRPS with his talk ‘FROM HERE TO ETERNITY’
Paul’s talk consisted of 9 separate audio visual sequences. We saw excellent photography ranging from swans, bluebell woods, faces from Tibet, a beautiful Spanish girl with a white horse and finally the ‘Eternity’ sequence full of mysterious patterns and effects. A great evening of photography!

Stephen Spraggon
Friday 4th October featured a new speaker to KPS in the person of STEPHEN SPRAGGON with his talk "Welcome to my Outdoor Office"
Stephen is Somerset based and is a photographer who deals in "his outdoor office" with landscapes. We saw some stunning pictures and were told how he achieves his objectives in producing such excellent landscape photography.

Third Quarterly Competition - Open Class
As already mentioned, the Competition was judged by Sandie Cox, who gave a comprehensive review of all our Prints and DPI's
1st 'Dyrham Hoar Frost' by Adrian Herring
2nd 'Reclining Cheethah Club' by Alison Price
3rd 'Somerset Lavender' by John Hoddinott

1st 'Ice Breakers at Jokilsarlon' by Kevin Poole
2nd 'Sunrise over Lake Inie' by Sue Winkworth
3rd 'Sea Shower' by Peter Phillips

Third Quarterly Competition - Intermediate Class
The Competition was judged by Sandie Cox, who gave a comprehensive review of all our Prints and DPI's
1st 'Georgie' by Steve Murran
2nd 'Tide's Reach' by Arthur Lees
3rd 'Corsham Dawn' by Arthur Lees

1st 'Sea King by David Rumsam
2nd 'Salt Water' by Arthur Lees
3rd 'Bluebell Wood' by David Rumsan

On Friday 20th September, ROBIN GREGORY a new speaker to KPS brought his talk 'Oh Yeah' to entertain us.
Robin is a very creative photographer who uses his various techniques to combine pictures often using many elements in the one image to create his final interpretation. He also showed several interesting and different short AV's. Robin belongs to Calne Camera Club