Annual Exhibition - Prints
The results of the main awards in the Exhibition are as follows:

1st in Pictorial Class and Best Print in the Exhibition "Tunnel Vision" by Mike Martin
1st in People Category and Best Mono Print in the Exhibition "Sea Witch" by Mike Martin
1st in Nature Category "South Alaskan Brown Bear" by Bob Ryan
1st in Record/Applied Category " Chapter House Steps" by Joanne Searle
1st in Intermediate Category and Best Print in Intermediate Class "Bleak Trail" by Arthur Lees

Annual Exhibition 8th November 2013
Our Annual Exhibition was considered to be a great success, with good attendance from members and friends. Our Judges also commented on the quality of the work.
A full set of winning pictures will be uploaded as soon as possible, but in the meanwhile, here are the winners with their trophies.
(left to right) Bob Ryan, Alison Price, Vince Reeves, Andy Beel, Joanne Searle, John Langley and Mike Martin.

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Chris Weston
On Friday 1st November, our guest speaker was CHRIS WESTON a specialist nature photographer who is well-known for his photography of endangered species. His presentation was 'Animals on the edge'
His work is published globally with clients including the BBC, ITV, and many national newspapers and magazines. His enthusiasm for his subject came over very persuasively, and we were treated to many great pictures.

On Friday 25th October, one of our own members ANDY BEEL FRPS presented "The Untitled Monochrome Talk"
Andy showed A2 and A3 prints in his recognisable style together with information and helpful tips, especially on his preferred Lightroom techniques. In view of the subject of his talk, I thought I should convert my photograph to monochrome!

Photo Knowledge Day
On Sunday 13th October, 20 KPS members attended the 'Photo Knowledge Day' held at Wick Village Hall and led by LEIGH PRESTON FRPS

It was an inspiring day and I feel sure that everyone benefitted from the experience. Leigh's vast knowledge and experience, coupled with humour - and excellent photographs -
gave us much to think about and reflect upon.
Our thanks go to Vanessa Herring for making the initial arrangements and also to Peter Phillips for the vast amount of work needed to organise the day.
Paul Keene FRPS
Our speaker on Friday 11th October was a new visitor to the society, PAUL KEENE FRPS with his talk ‘FROM HERE TO ETERNITY’
Paul’s talk consisted of 9 separate audio visual sequences. We saw excellent photography ranging from swans, bluebell woods, faces from Tibet, a beautiful Spanish girl with a white horse and finally the ‘Eternity’ sequence full of mysterious patterns and effects. A great evening of photography!

Stephen Spraggon
Friday 4th October featured a new speaker to KPS in the person of STEPHEN SPRAGGON with his talk "Welcome to my Outdoor Office"
Stephen is Somerset based and is a photographer who deals in "his outdoor office" with landscapes. We saw some stunning pictures and were told how he achieves his objectives in producing such excellent landscape photography.

Third Quarterly Competition - Open Class
As already mentioned, the Competition was judged by Sandie Cox, who gave a comprehensive review of all our Prints and DPI's
1st 'Dyrham Hoar Frost' by Adrian Herring
2nd 'Reclining Cheethah Club' by Alison Price
3rd 'Somerset Lavender' by John Hoddinott

1st 'Ice Breakers at Jokilsarlon' by Kevin Poole
2nd 'Sunrise over Lake Inie' by Sue Winkworth
3rd 'Sea Shower' by Peter Phillips

Third Quarterly Competition - Intermediate Class
The Competition was judged by Sandie Cox, who gave a comprehensive review of all our Prints and DPI's
1st 'Georgie' by Steve Murran
2nd 'Tide's Reach' by Arthur Lees
3rd 'Corsham Dawn' by Arthur Lees

1st 'Sea King by David Rumsam
2nd 'Salt Water' by Arthur Lees
3rd 'Bluebell Wood' by David Rumsan

On Friday 20th September, ROBIN GREGORY a new speaker to KPS brought his talk 'Oh Yeah' to entertain us.
Robin is a very creative photographer who uses his various techniques to combine pictures often using many elements in the one image to create his final interpretation. He also showed several interesting and different short AV's. Robin belongs to Calne Camera Club

George Reekie BPE 5*
In January of this year, snow prevented the visit of GEORGE REEKIE BPE 5* but on Friday 6th September, we were delighted to welcome George to Kingswood with his delayed talk "From Japan to Norton" George is from Norton Fitzwarren which explains the title. We were treated to a digital presentation of life in Japan in winter with a bias toward wildlife and consisted of a series of stunning pictures! After coffee we saw a varied selection of exciting pictures - wildlife, sport, portraits and landscapes all accompanied by an informative and amusing commentary.

RPS Western Region 2013 exhibition
A Gold Medal and six Ribbons were awarded in this Exhinition, and of the six Ribbons, four were awarded to members of K.P.S. These were -
Vanessa Herring, Joanne Searle, Peter Phillips and Tony Cooper.

W.C.P.F.Travelling Critique Collection
On Friday 30th August, we viewed the W.C.P.F.Travelling Critique Collection which is a collection of prints which didn't quite make it into the WCPF Exhibition this year. This collection travels around the Federation. Lots of discussion took place, including prints from four KPS members, Joanne Searle, Adrian Herring, David Thomas and John Long. The print by Joanne Searle "Alive and Kicking" is shown here.

Photographic Exhibition 7th September - 13th November
You are invited to visit an Exhibition by a Past Vice-President of Kingswood P.S.
'Bristol and Somerset - Vanishing Lives
An Exhibition of Mid-C20 Photographs by Reece Winstone FRPS

The RWA is pleased to announce a new exhibition showing in the Cube gallery at the Academy in Queen’s Road, Bristol 7th September – 13th November (closed 18th-22nd September). Entry is free; open between 10.00am to 5pm.
38,000 photographs, 18 cameras, 4 decades, 2 counties, 1 freelance
By 1966 Reece Winstone FRPS had taken 38,000 photographs across ‘Beautiful Britain’ as a freelance photographer, of which some 7,000 were of Bristol and Somerset
'The Magic behind the Lantern'
Our speakers for the Friday 16th August were Linda Gibbs, MPAGB, AV-AFIAP and Edgar Gibbs, FRPS, MPAGB, AV-AFIAP who gave a wonderful evening of their award winning Audio Visual sequences entitled 'The Magic Behind the Lantern'. This was accompanied with detailed instruction on how to produce sequences from your own pictures using the software Pictures to Exe.
Their presentation gave KPS members an excellent evening with their sequences offering fun and nostalgia.

Hugh and Pat
Friday 9th August brought the long-awaited visit of HUGH MILSOM FRPS, MFIAP and PAT BROAD ARPS,AFIAP with their combined talk "An evening with Hugh and Pat"
This was Hugh's seventh visit to Kingswood and the second visit accompanied by Pat.
Hugh commenced with some of his 'landmark' Infra-red darkroom pictures - always a joy to see - and was followed by Pat explaining and showing the road to her RPS Associateship Panel. After the break we were treated to a series of A2 prints from Harris, Yellowstaone and other locations. A memorable evening!

Studio Evening
Friday 2nd August was one of our occasional Studio Sessions. The evening was led by KEVIN JAMES who commenced the evening by explaining the settings on cameras, triggering lighting sets, various lighting arrangements, shooting positions and a little about studio etiquette. The model for the evening was Georgie.

Bristol Harbourside Festival
On Friday 26th July, some of our members met at the Peto Bridge in Bristol with a view to taking pictures during the annual Bristol Harbour Festival. Picture below by Tony Withers.

Audio Visual Forum
Friday 19th July was shown in the programme as a talk by Dr.David Cooke, but as he unfortunately had to postpone his visit, it was decided to hold an Audio Visual Forum. A chance for those members who dabble with AV to show their work.
Unfortunately, we appear to have a lot of members who are anti-AV so the audience wasn't as large as usual. However, it was thought to be a successful evening with work shown by Sue Winkworth, Joanne Searle, Tony Withers, Stewart Scott, Rod Wainwright and John Long.
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Mike Palfrey's Bugatti
Friday 12th July was an ideal evening to be out at Bitton Railway Station to photograph the legendary Bugatti motor car, built by our member Mike Palfrey. Members were delighted to have something a little different to photograph, especially as this project has been ongoing for many years. There will be pictures from Joanne Searle on the Social Page of this website shortly.