On Friday 3rd May we were pleased to welcome ED COLLACOTT on a return visit to KPS with his talk "Landscape Britain"
This was certainly an evening for the landscape enthusiast and Ed was able to display a series of outstanding prints from all around Britain. His enthusiasm for his subject was very evident and he told us that he was often at the desired location before dawn, having camped locally in his beloved Camper Van. His pictures can be seen on his website at;

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AP and FT Trophy Competitions
The annual Triptych Competitions for a set of related prints (The FT Trophy) or related DPI's (The AP Trophy) was held on Friday 26th April. Our judge was Ray Grace ARPS, DPAGB who carefully considered and commented on 23 panels of prints and 25 panels of DPI's

The winner of the FT Trophy was Alison Price ARPS with her set of Gentoo penguins

The Winner of the AP Trophy was Mike Martin with a panel titled 'Trip the Light Fantastic'

Martin Fry FRPS, APAGB
Friday 19th April brought MARTIN FRY FRPS, APAGB with his Audio Visual presentation titled "Cotswold and Cornish Cream"
This excellent evening was described by many members as the best Audio Visual ever seen at KPS, and this was confirmed by our few AV exponents. Landscapes, winter scenes, a sequence about the Severn Bore and also the annual Trevithick Day in Cambourne, Cornwall. This latter presentation was about the town's most famous son, Richard Trevithick, who invented a steam engine which travelled along the road. His statue stands outside the town library. Attractions include model exhibitions, vintage vehicles, performances by local Male Voice Choirs, concerts by the Camborne Town Band and other local bands and dances.

Fotospeed Photographers Portfolio
On Friday 12th April we should have had a visit from Angela Williams, but as she was hospitalised a quick change of plan brought us a Portfolio of prints from

This was an evening with the display of great pictures accompanied by written comments from Margaret Salisbury, head of the Lecture Service. Details of the paper used was on each mount, so it was good to see what paper suited the picture content.
Visit from "The Rathbands"
On Friday, 5th April we were delighted to welcome CLIVE RATHBAND FRPS, FPSSA, EFIAP and his wife JOAN RYDER RATHBAND FRPS, FPSSA with their presentation "A few of our Favourite Things"
This talented couple excel in nature photography, and we also saw some excellent landscapes and other pictorial photographs. They also brought many of the gadgets and items they use in their craft.
An inspirational evening!

Tony Cooper ARPS
On Friday 22nd March we were due to welcome a speaker from Wales, but as he was unable to attend, one of our own members TONY COOPER ARPS agreed to present his talk titled "A Strolling Interview". Tony began by telling us that his pictures were pedestrian, even boring - however, we were soon able to disagree with him when he presented colour and monochrome pictures together with thoughtful and humorous comments.
He concluded his talk by inviting his audience to create a panel from fifteen of his monochrome pictures. Tony is seen here with the eventual panel.

Andy Beel FRPS
Our programme Secretary, Andy Beel FRPS, is seen receiving his cheque and certificate as the winner of the Open Class of the RPS Digital Projected Image Competition. Making the presentation is Peter Phillips LRPS, our Competition and Exhibition Secretary

Bob Underhill APAGB. AIPF
On Friday 15th March, we welcomed Bob Underhill APAGB. AIPF with his talk 'Totally Digital' Bob showed a considerable number of projected images, including a variety of landscapes and seascapes from the U.K. and Ireland, also derelict places and people. Bob is a past President of the Smethwick P.S

Les Loosemore ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB
Friday 8th March brought a new speaker to KPS - Les Loosemore ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB with his talk on Distinction Print Panels. Les brought a very impressive print stand and during the evening we viewed about 300 prints forming a number of Distinction Panels and other work. It was a very inspiring evening allowing us to view impressive photography presented in relaxed manner. Les is a sponsored FOTOSPEED Lecturer.

New Member's Evening
On Friday 1st March, a number of our new members presented their prints (and several old members too!) which made a most interesting event. Also on the evening, Joanne Searle our Hon.Treasurer, organised a book sale which resulted in very welcome cash for our funds.
Quarterly No.1 - Intermediate Class
Friday 22nd February

1st 'Plowing at Sunset' by Ian Thomson
2nd 'A Game of Kings' by Steve Murnan
3rd 'The Lark Ascending' by Ian Thomson

1st 'Three Ladies of ITRI' by Ian Thomson
2nd 'IPhone Training' by Ian Thomson
3rd 'Corridor of Colour' by Ian Thomson

Quarterly Competition No.1 - Open Class
Friday 22nd February. This competition was ably judged by Graham Reeves, FRPS, EFIAP, who was faced with a very large entry.

1st 'The Last Remains' by John Hoddinott
2nd 'Climbing as an Art Form' by Adrian Herring
3rd 'Pollution in Yellowstone' by John Long

1st 'Wishful thinking during the Floods' by Adrian Herring
2nd 'Saffron' by Rod Wainwright
3rd 'Evolution' by Andy Coffin'

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On Friday 15th February, we welcomed a new speaker - DAVID LINGHAM FRPS with his talk "Completely in the dark" This was an exciting evening to see monochrome photography, infra-red and toned pictures. David has a very personal style and it was a pleasure to see his distinctive photography

Multi-disciplined Digital Workshop
Friday 8th February, four of our own members conducted a digital workshop.
Stewart Scott, Kelvin Iles, Peter Phillips and Mike Martin offered help with their own techniques in the production of digital images.
Friday 1st February. We were delighted to welcome a 'first time' speaker to KPS, DAVE YATES, with his talk "My Photographic World"
It was an exceptional evening, firstly with fine monochrome prints, and after the break with delightful colour prints. Dave is a sponsored FOTOSPEED lecturer, and he is seen in my picture (centre) with two other Fotospeed lecturers from Kingswood P.S., Andy Beel (left) and Adrian Herring (right)

Friday 25th January featured our speaker GRAHAM HODGKISS ARPS, MPAGB, AFIAP with his talk "Is it my passion or obsession?" He came with a mountain of prints, funny stories and advice on composition and technique. Certainly a very successful event with the phrase Graham used throughtout the evening - "It's all easy peezie" !

London Salon of Photography 2012
On Friday 11th January, we were entertained by a DPI presentation of the pictures from the 2012 London Salon of Photography
We were particularly impressed with the commentary by Ann Miles FRPS on her selection of pictures from the Exhibition. General discussion afterwards brought to light that our members were surprised by many of the accepted pictures.

Our first meeting of the year on January 4th featured Paul Foley FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB with his talk 'Simply Passion and Good Fortune' It was a wonderful start to our year with an excellent attendance and a superb talk with Paul, who is certainly very passionate about his photography. Still on slide film, the talk featured Paul's three favourite locations, Tuscany, Yellowstone and Colorado.

The Christmas Fun Night
Friday December 21st was the final evening in the 2012 programme, and our Chairman Geoff Nash organised a fun judging. Members were asked to bring five prints and they were displayed round by round with those present marking them out of a possible five. Just a fun event and it was followed by the usual "nosh-up" There will be some pictures on the Social Page shortly. Geoff put the prints up but Pam kept us in order and took the prints down!

Quarterly Competitions 2012
Our Judge for the final competition was Dr.Graham Reeves FRPS, EFIAP who gave his thorough consideration to all the entries.

At the end of the four competitions, the award winners were as follows:

Open Prints - John Hoddinott
Open DPI's - Mike Martin
Intermediate Prints - Rob Ryan
Intermediate DPI's - Alison Price

Creative Tankard for the year, three members tied -
Vanessa Herring, Mike Martin and Kevin James

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