Quarterly No.1 - Intermediate Class
Friday 22nd February

1st 'Plowing at Sunset' by Ian Thomson
2nd 'A Game of Kings' by Steve Murnan
3rd 'The Lark Ascending' by Ian Thomson

1st 'Three Ladies of ITRI' by Ian Thomson
2nd 'IPhone Training' by Ian Thomson
3rd 'Corridor of Colour' by Ian Thomson

Quarterly Competition No.1 - Open Class
Friday 22nd February. This competition was ably judged by Graham Reeves, FRPS, EFIAP, who was faced with a very large entry.

1st 'The Last Remains' by John Hoddinott
2nd 'Climbing as an Art Form' by Adrian Herring
3rd 'Pollution in Yellowstone' by John Long

1st 'Wishful thinking during the Floods' by Adrian Herring
2nd 'Saffron' by Rod Wainwright
3rd 'Evolution' by Andy Coffin'

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On Friday 15th February, we welcomed a new speaker - DAVID LINGHAM FRPS with his talk "Completely in the dark" This was an exciting evening to see monochrome photography, infra-red and toned pictures. David has a very personal style and it was a pleasure to see his distinctive photography

Multi-disciplined Digital Workshop
Friday 8th February, four of our own members conducted a digital workshop.
Stewart Scott, Kelvin Iles, Peter Phillips and Mike Martin offered help with their own techniques in the production of digital images.
Friday 1st February. We were delighted to welcome a 'first time' speaker to KPS, DAVE YATES, with his talk "My Photographic World"
It was an exceptional evening, firstly with fine monochrome prints, and after the break with delightful colour prints. Dave is a sponsored FOTOSPEED lecturer, and he is seen in my picture (centre) with two other Fotospeed lecturers from Kingswood P.S., Andy Beel (left) and Adrian Herring (right)

Friday 25th January featured our speaker GRAHAM HODGKISS ARPS, MPAGB, AFIAP with his talk "Is it my passion or obsession?" He came with a mountain of prints, funny stories and advice on composition and technique. Certainly a very successful event with the phrase Graham used throughtout the evening - "It's all easy peezie" !

London Salon of Photography 2012
On Friday 11th January, we were entertained by a DPI presentation of the pictures from the 2012 London Salon of Photography
We were particularly impressed with the commentary by Ann Miles FRPS on her selection of pictures from the Exhibition. General discussion afterwards brought to light that our members were surprised by many of the accepted pictures.

Our first meeting of the year on January 4th featured Paul Foley FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB with his talk 'Simply Passion and Good Fortune' It was a wonderful start to our year with an excellent attendance and a superb talk with Paul, who is certainly very passionate about his photography. Still on slide film, the talk featured Paul's three favourite locations, Tuscany, Yellowstone and Colorado.

The Christmas Fun Night
Friday December 21st was the final evening in the 2012 programme, and our Chairman Geoff Nash organised a fun judging. Members were asked to bring five prints and they were displayed round by round with those present marking them out of a possible five. Just a fun event and it was followed by the usual "nosh-up" There will be some pictures on the Social Page shortly. Geoff put the prints up but Pam kept us in order and took the prints down!

Quarterly Competitions 2012
Our Judge for the final competition was Dr.Graham Reeves FRPS, EFIAP who gave his thorough consideration to all the entries.

At the end of the four competitions, the award winners were as follows:

Open Prints - John Hoddinott
Open DPI's - Mike Martin
Intermediate Prints - Rob Ryan
Intermediate DPI's - Alison Price

Creative Tankard for the year, three members tied -
Vanessa Herring, Mike Martin and Kevin James

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Quarterly Competition No.4 Open Prints
1st Alone in his thoughts by Kelvin Iles
2nd Rocks at Porth Naven by Elizabeth Restall
3rd Far Away Thoughts by Kevin James

Quarterly Competition No.4 Open DPI's
1st Temple Quay by Kevin Iles
2nd Taf Fechan by Jeff Morgan
Joint 3rd
Swirling Leaves by Mike Martin
Penarth Pier by Peter Phillips

Quarterly Competition No.4 Intermediate DPI's
1st Bear Shake by Alison Price
2nd Salmon Run by Alison Price
3rd Dartmeet by Arthur Lees

Quarterly Competition No.4 Intermediate Prints
1st Impala in Flight by Bob Ryan
2nd African Frycatcher by Bob Ryan
3rd Tangmere in Steam by Arthur Lees

The Chairman's Evening
Friday 7th December. For the annual Chairman's Evening, GEOFF NASH presented an evening with prints. Assisted by his wife Pam (who was needed to remind Geoff where the picture was taken!) we were taken literally, all over the world. The USA, India, Venice, France, Canada. In the main Geoff's love is landscapes, but we also saw people pictures, portraits, nature and record shots. A most enjoyable evening.

KPS member ELIZABETH RESTALL ARPS brought her recent 'A' Panel to our meeting on 30th November, for display. The pictures in this Panel, in the Visual Art category, were taken at an Art Complex in Sandwell, West Midlands, called "The Public"

Friday 30th November brought Ray Grace ARPS, DPAGB to KPS with his talk "Before and After - Nice is not good enough" Ray is a good friend of the Society and agreed to give us this talk when Hugh Milsom was unable to be with us. He showed many straight pictures just out of the camera, then demonstrated how these could be improved in Camera Raw and Photoshop to become excellent images. Ray also brought some impressive panorama-style pictures to display.

Friday 23rd November was an evening for 'steam buffs' when our speaker was TERRY NICHOLLS with his talk "Rio Grande Experience" We saw some spectacular scenery as Terry took us from Denver, Colorado to encompass the various routes over and through the Rocky Mountain ranges to the Pacific coast. In addition to the railway aspect, images from many other scenic locations, Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion National Park etc were included. The journey ended with scenes of the world’s largest working steam locomotive crossing Wyoming. As Terry said "If you don’t like trains, then just admire the spectacular scenery.”

Clubman of the Year
Each year the Society presents a Trophy to a non-committee member who we feel has assisted the society in different ways. For 2012, the committe felt that PAT BRYAN should be the recipient. She is seen here with our Chairman Geoff Nash.

Annual General Meeting
On Friday 16th November, members gathered for the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Officers report were heard and in the election of Officers, three names have disappeared from the list, Rod Wainwright, Mike Martin and John Hoddinott (thank you for your services gentlemen!) and one new name appeared, Eric Playdell - see Officers Page for full details. Regretfully, no-one came forward to offer their services as Hon. Secretary.
Other changes include a revised Subscription rate for 2013 of £55. All future meetings will start at 7.30 pm
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