AP and FT Trophy Competitions
This annual event took place on Friday 27th, judged by Peter Weaver LRPS, CPAGB, APAGB.

The FT Trophy was won by Alison Price with a set of wildlife prints seen below. Second was John Hoddinott and Mike Martin was third.

The AP Trophy was won by Vanessa Herring, second was Andy Beel and third was Ray Reeves

Alison Price is seen here being presented with her trophy

Summer Outings
Please note the following venues for the Summer Outings:

29 June Purton ships graveyard
20 July Bristol Harbour Festival (NB moved from 13 July to coincide with Bristol Harbour Festival)
27 July Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road, Bristol tour including Gt George bell (7.15 – 9.00pm)
31 August Christmas steps, Bristol

The London Salon showing will now be on Friday July 13th
Starting time of Meetings
As from July 6th, the start time of our meetings will be 7.30 pm This will be announced at every meeting until then to enable members to fix it in their minds and arrive earlier. When possble, we would also hope to finish the meeting at 9.30 pm
We are delighted to announce that one of our members has been successful in achieving his Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society in the Natural History category.
We congratulate BOB RYAN ARPS who is seen below with part of his panel.

On Friday 20th April, our speaker was BOB BISHOP who is a member of Backwell C.C.
Bob's first love is landscape photography and he tells us there is nothing better than getting our early in the morning to capture a landscape. He is also keen on Gig and Concert photography and he displayed prints covering both subjects. After the coffee break we were treated to a selection of A.V's including the winning sequence in the 2012 WCPF AV Competition 'Lest we Forget'

"A and F and the bits in between" was the title of the talk given on Friday 13th April by ROSIE ARMES FRPS, DPAGB, AFIAP, BPE3
On her first visit to Kingswood, Rosie took us through her adventure with the RPS distinctions of 'A' and 'F', and this was followed by pictures, many showing 'before and after' post production. A passionate Travel and people photographer, we were shown pictures from her holiday in Etheopia and many other fascinating and exciting subjects.

Anne and Alan Millward FRPS's
Friday 30th March brought the husband and wife team ANNE & ALAN MILLWARD FRPS's with a print talk "An evening with the Millwards" Alan batted first and showed prints from places as diverse as Cuba, Yellowstone, Georgia and Turkey, many featuring children and people. Anne followed after the break and displayed many fine pictures including some of the delicate soft images which we expected from her. Interesting how diverse her pictures were from Alan's although taken in the same locality! A memorable evening!

Duncan McEwan
On Friday 23rd March we received a visit from DUNCAN McEWAN the well-known Scottish Landscape Photographer with his illustrated talk "Scotland-Land of Light"
We were enthralled with his talk and pictures, illustrating Scotland in all weathers and lighting conditions. Truly a memorable evening!

Visit from Backwell Camera Club
From time to time we invite another local club to visit us and bring a selection of their work, and our meeting on March 16th brought four members of the BACKWELL CAMERA CLUB to Kingswood.
The photograph shows (l to r) Nick Cambourne, Pip Sawtell, Kay Walsh and Richard Pring who displayed an interesting selection of DPI's, A.V's and darkroom Mono prints.

P.G.Tips - Fiddling and Diddling
Friday 9th March brought PETER GENNARD MFIAP, EFIAP/p to KPS with his talk "P.G.Tips - Fiddling and Diddling" We had a wonderful evening of exciting prints and entertaining stories to accompany them. Peter visits many places during the year to get his pictures including Goth events, WW2 re-enactment weekends, and the Tough Guy Challenge. We were also treated to some fine landscapes and nature pictures.

PAGB Digital Image Exhibition 2011
On Friday 2nd March we viewed the PAGB 2011 DPIC Exhibition. A very enjoyable experience, but we made the error of viewing the auto version. The images moved on too quickly and there was little time to read the title and enjoy the image. Later in the evening we projected our entry to the WCPF DPIC Competition which took place in February. KPS came joint 11th out of 50 clubs.
Quarterly Competition No.1. 2012
Our first Quarterly Competition of the year took place on Friday 24th February, when our judge MIKE CURTIS ARPS - a first-time judge at Kingswood PS - gave a considered and helpful comment on every print and Dpi. There were a record number of entries and it is encouraging to see that many of our new members entered the competition for the first time.

Quarterly Competition No.1. Open Class
Print Section:
1st Dennis - John Long
2nd Twilight at Porth Naven - Peter Phillips
3rd Rotting Groynes - Elizabeth Restall

DPI Section:
1st Rippled Glass - Mike Martin
2nd Wobbly Bridge - Mike Martin
3rd Kelston Round Hill - Peter Phillips

Quarterly Comperition No.1. Intermediate Class
Print Section:
1st The Kill - Alison Price
2nd Surf School - Dave Bryan
3rd Monkey Maffia - Bob Ryan

DPI Section:
1st Bittern – Jenifer Morgan
2nd The Dreamer – Alison Price
3rd First Drop – Joe Exon

'Silver Prints and Golden Oldies'
I am finding it extremely difficult to adequately express my thoughts on the visit of LEIGH PRESTON FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB on Friday 17th February.
It was an evening of entertainment with a full range of humour and vocal impersonations, only surpassed by the superb photography. Measured presentation, not least the leisurely pace backwards and forwards, and yet full of his philosophy and history with the series of pictures depicting the whole of the 20th century. This was followed by a series of large prints. His final thought encouraged us to remember that the view from half-way up the mountain is often the same as the view from the top!

Despite severe wintery conditions, a large crowd gathered to be entertained and inspired by Clive Haynes FRPS and Martin Addison FRPS with their presentation called FOTO-SYNTHESIS. Bringing their unique set of illuminated display stands, they enthalled us with their sets of prints of many styles and original creations.

Nick Jenkins ARPS, AWPF
On Friday 3rd February, a 'first-time' visitor to KPS - NICK JENKINS ARPS, AWPF - brought us his talk with projected images called "The Great Outdoors"
We thoroughly enjoyed an evening of inspiring landscapes and seascapes - with a smattering of Nature pictures too. We saw many of the excellent pictures which can be seen on his website:

This evening we were taken well 'back in time' with the presentation by John Long of prints dating back to the formation of the Society in 1948. We viewed beautiful darkroom work finalising with a collection of 13 prints given to KPS by Frank Reece Winstone for safe keeping. All 13 prints were over 100 years old and are now kept in the Bristol Record Office. John had arranged to collect these prints for our enjoyment - thank you John, it was the highlight of the evening.

KPS have an Annual Exhibition and the winner of the best print of the exhibition is awarded the Bennett-Salanson Bowl. In the second half of the evening we were shown all the winning prints from the beginning to today's date which obviously spanned the darkroom and digital eras.

Mike Callenger is a members of KPS and this evening he gave a presentation of his work which was absolutely superb. The first half of the evening was taken up with prints covering wildlife to his travels around the UK and America. Beautiful prints which would add enjoyment to any home. The second half we were taken to places where most of us would not even attempt, trekking miles and sometimes arriving to disappointment after all the effort. The images were just breathtaking but the stories behind the capturing of the images were even more interesting. Thank you Mike, you certainly entertained us.

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Digital Workshop/Clinic
Rather unusual to see members arriving with a notebook and pencil - but essential this evening when Ray Grace ARPS conducted a Photoshop Clinic. Ray explained all about layers, shortcuts, raw files and was able to demonstrate techniques and answer questions previously put to him by members. A very instructive evening!