The first meeting of the year brought us Barry Mead FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB with the talk titled "Oh No, not another evening with Barry Mead"
We were entertained a series of projected images of Kenya, Florida, Yellowstone and other locations - including pictorial landscapes, people pictures and wildlife including lots of those feathery things which come under the generic heading of 'ducks' !
It was also most interesting to see some of Barry's creative work and the programme had warned us that we would see a section on bats!

Surprise for the President!
During the last meeting of the year, I was given a great surprise by fellow members of KPS to celebrate the fact that in a week's time I will become an octogenarian!
During our refreshment time, the lights went out and Vanessa Herring came in bearing a birthday cake made in the form of a Canon Camera, very cleverly designed and made by her daughter Philippa McFeat. Later I was also presented with a Birthday card signed by the members, and also a delightful framed print for my wall. This print is by Barry Senior Hon.FRPS, Past President of the RPS.
To say the least, I was overwhelmed by the thoughtful gesture of my friends, and I thank them all most sincerely. The big day is actually the 26th. Pictures by Adrian Herring and Geoff Cole

Christmas Fun Night
For our final meeting of 2011, we held a fun night on Friday 16th December, when we split into 6 groups for a "Match the Picture" competition. The idea being that one group puts up a picture and the other five have to try to match it. Great fun - and lots of cheating! Our Vice-Chairman Adrian Herring was the "judge" (?) and in this picture one group had the nerve to put up their picture on a mobile phone!
We then broke for refreshments and general chit-chat - so ending another successful year for Kingswood P.S.

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End of year Quarterly Competition Results
At the end of the four Quarterly Competitions the winners were:
Open Prints;
Trophy John Long ARPS
2nd Peter Phillips LRPS
3rd Elizabeth Restall LRPS

Open DPI's:
Trophy Peter Phillips LRPS
2nd Jeff Morgan
Joint 3rd Adrian Herring
Mike Martin

Intermediate prints:
Trophy Pat Bryan
2nd Dave Bryan
3rd Colin Crossley

Creative Tankard;
Winner Mike Martin
2nd Elizabeth Restall LRPS

left to right Mike Martin, Peter Phillips, Pat Bryan, John Long
Quarterly Competition No.4 Open Class
The Open Class Print results were as follows:
1st "Swanage Old Pier" by Peter Phillips LRPS
2nd "That Way" by John Long ARPS
3rd "Casa Batllo" by Adrian Herring ARPS

The Open Class DPI results were as follows:
1st "A Length Ahead" by Vanessa Herring LRPS
2nd "Flower Impression by Mike Martin
3rd "The Potter" by Peter Phillips LRPS

Quarterly Competition No.4 2011
The final part of our Quarterly Competition for 2011 took place on Friday 9th November and was judged by PAT EMERY who gave careful consideration to both the Intermediate and Open Print Classes and the D.P.I class.

The Intermediate results:
1st "Sanctury before the Storm" by Colin Crossley
2nd "An English Country Garden" by Pat Bryan
3rd "Flight of the Bumble Bee" by Dave Bryan

"I'll get me Coat" - Dave Mason
On Friday 2nd December we should have had a visit from Paul Foley FRPS, but due to hospitalisation we was unable to be with us. Paul had arranged for a colleague to lecture in his place, so we had the pleasure of hosting DAVE MASON with his talk "I'll get me Coat"
Dave is a member of Arena, London Independent Photographers and Mirage groups, and is a 'street photographer' A great evening evolved with great pictures delivered with thoughtful comments and a great sense of humour!

Adrian Herring ARPS, DPAGB
On Friday 25th November, one of our own members Adrian Herring ARPS, DPAGB presented a excellent evening of prints and projected images from his trips (with Vanessa) to the Ukraine, Croatia, Barcelona and many others locations. This was in our programme as "The Chairman's Evening" - although since the recent AGM, Adrian is now Vice Chairman! He is a Fotospeed Sponsored lecturer and my photograph shows him with some of his images on Fotospeed sample sheets.

Vivian Croucher Memorial Plate
Peter Phillips LRPS (left) was presented with the VIVIAN CROUCHER MEMORIAL PLATE for the best individual print in the 2011 Kingswood Salver competition (see report and illustration below) The presentation was made by Rod Wainwright ARPS.

Clubman of the Year
At our meeting on Friday 18th November, Tony Poole ARPS was presented with the "Clubman of the Year" trophy for his assistance with the running of digital workshops. He is seen here with the Chairman Adrian Herring ARPS, DPAGB

Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the Society took place on Friday 18th November. Several existing committee members "changed hats" and we are pleased to welcome two completely new committee members, these being Larissa Pleydell-Roberts as Hon.Secretary and Andy Beel FRPS as Hon.Programme Secretary. After many years of membership and committee service, both Brian Cheer ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB (left) and Geoff Nash (right) were presented with Honorary Life Membership by the outgoing Chairman Adrian Herring ARPS, DPAGB.

Kingswood Salver Competition
The Competition bearing our name is a Western Counties Federation inter-club event, and this year we received a Highly Commended award with this set of prints:

The Plate for the best print in the whole competition was won by our member Peter Phillips LRPS with his print "Horgabost Beach" seen extreme left in our panel

23 clubs entered and the judge was Margaret Salisbury FRPS, FIPF, EFIAP, APAGB
K.P.S Annual Exhibition
The Group of award winners:
Back row left to right: Mike Martin, Dave Edwards, Shaun Boycott-Taylor, Pat Bryan, Eddy Lane
Front row: Elizabeth Restall, John Long

K.P.S Annual Exhibition
This event was held on Friday 11th November and we were delighted that so many visitors joined our own members to view the Exhibition. Eddy Lane ARPS, one of the three judges (the others being John Tilsley ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB and Di Tilsley CPAGB) was in attendance to present the awards.
The Trophy for the Best Print in the Exhibition was awarded to Elizabeth Restall LRPS for
"Lonely Rock" (the same print also received the Best Colour Print award and the Best Pictorial award)

The Trophy for the Best Projected Image went to Mike Martin for "Film to Frame"

To see the full results click here - 1 Awards Listing
KPS Competition entry forms
It would be of considerable assistance to the Competition and Exhibition Secretary of you would download this PDF file and print yourself a set of entry forms for the 2011/2012 season. Click here: Kps Comp Entry Form
Success for one of our members
I am delighted to report that Kingswood Member John Hoddinott had a highly commended picture in the "Landscape Photographer of the Year" Competition with his picture 'Jurassic View, Man-O-War Bay, Dorset, England' It has been featured in the book and will be on display at the National Theatre in London during December and January.
This is John's comments which accompanied the picture:
"I had been watching the storm clouds moving slowly out to sea, so as I breathlessly hurried down to the beach, I very nearly passed by this wooden fence, almost flattened by the recent strong winds and now lying in the grass. Luckily it caught my eye and I was immediately reminded of a huge bone structure, left from some prehistoric beast, which I thought was rather fitting for an area known as the gateway to the Juassic Coast"

Competition for the AP and FT Trophies
Our Judge on Friday 4th November for this event, RAY GRACE ARPS, DPAGB certainly had a mammoth task in judging the 25 sets of prints for the FT Trophy and the 30 sets of DPI's for the AP Trophy

Ray gave thoughtful comments on all the sets before announcing that the FT Trophy was awarded to Andy Beel FRPS for his set of lith prints of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Linda Harvey LRPS came second and Mike Martin third.

The winner of the AP Trophy was Adrian Herring ARPS, DPAGB with his set called 'Storks above the roof tops' Mike Martin took both second and third places.

Audio Visual Forum
This annual event took place on Friday 28th October, when we viewed sequences from a number of our members.
Jeff Morgan showed time-lapse sequences, we then viewed audio visual sequences from Vanessa Herring, Joanne Searle, Mike Martin, Bruce Gibbs, Adrian Herring and John Long. A very intereting evening with varied ideas and pictures using the medium of images, music and speech.
For our meeting on Friday 21st October we had invited Leo Rich ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB for his sixth visit to KPS, and despite the title in our programme, presented us with his talk "Sliding into Digital"
With his familiar humour, he told us about his ambition to stare closely into the eyes of a tiger, and sure enough he showed images of precisely that! We saw some of his successful portraits from India converted from slides, then images from a digital camera which showed he had lost none of his technique with landsapes, birds, animals and people - especially of men with beards longer than his own!

David Southwell ARPS
The guest speaker at our meeting on Friday 14th October was DAVID SOUTHWELL ARPS. His talk was titled "Using HDR and other Digital Techniques" and during the course of the evening he explained the detail of creating pictures using the HDR method,
and doing so by using his successful ARPS Panel of pictures taken in Bristol Cathedral.