Dr. Graham Reeves FRPS, EFIAP
Friday 28th January - our visitor this evening was Dr.GRAHAM REEVES FRPS, EFIAP with his talk "Something Old, Something News" and consisted entirely of monochrome photography. The earlier work was Graham's well-known graphic bold images of mountains, people and places and this was later followed by his more subdued, but nevertheless most enjoyble, digital monochrome

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Peter Basterfield ARPS
Our meeting on Friday 21st January featured PETER BASTERFIELD ARPS with his talk "Adventures of an Amateur Natural History Bird Fanatic" We were shown birds and other wildlife from many parts of the world, but birds are Peter's passion and he speaks knowledgeably about an enormous number of species, showing examples. It was ironic that Peter's proposed visit last year was postponed due to him being run down by a bus in India - twelve months to the day he visited us!

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Barbie Lindsay MPAGB, EFIAP
Barbie Lindsay MPAGB, EFIAP was our guest speaker to start the 2011 programme. Her talk entitled "My Kinda people" displayed her love of capturing people in the street,in shops,in fact anywhere providing their faces were interesting! Later in the evening we were shown the second part of the lecture subtitled "Not a pretty Picture" This included Boxing, Tattooing and piercing pictures - not for the squeamish!

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Christmas Meeting
Our last meeting of 2010 on Friday 17th December took the form of a fun evening with members divided into four teams for "Match a Print" Competition. Lots of fun with Tony Poole ARPS as the so-called "Judge" deciding which team took the honours! This was followed by lots of nibbles and drinks. We wish you all a very "Happy Christmas"
Quarterly Competitions - final results for 2010
Congratulations to the winners of our 2010 Quarterly Competitions

1st Mike Challenger ARPS
2nd Elizabeth Restall LRPS
3rd John Long ARPS, DPAGB, HonPAGB

1st Shirley Britton FDPS, ARPS
2nd Vanessa Herring LRPS
3rd Adrian Herring ARPS, DPAGB

The final results sheet may be seen here Kps 2010 Qtrly Yr End Points Summary Sheet
4th Quarterly Competition

Our judge for the final competition was COLIN GIBSON with the following results:

PRINTS: 1st John Long 'On the Steps'
2nd Mike Challenger 'Red Kite'
3rd Adrian Herring 'Scurry Racing'

DPI's: 1st Adrian Herring 'Waterfall Canoeist'
2nd Shirley Britton 'Leaf Study'
3rd Mike Martin 'Evening Light'

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John Chamberlin FRPS, MFIAP
Friday 3rd December was the 25th visit of John Chamberlin FRPS, MFIAP with a talk entitled 'Seeking Perfection' John a a prolific travel photographer and we saw colour and monochrome pictures from many of the countries he has visited over the past two years. John's 25th visit was a memorable one!

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Shirley Britton FDPS, ARPS
On Friday, November 26th, one of our own members, Shirley Britton FDPS, ARPS enthralled us with her talk 'Hop, Skip and Jump' - the story with pictures of children who attend this special needs facility. Shirley has an empathy with the children and was able to capture moments in time which show the children in a joyous manner. After coffee, Shirley showed her very creative images and told us how she was inspired by artists of the pre-raphaelite period.

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Annual Exhibition 2010
Friday 12th November was our Annual Exhibition. Margaret Collis ARPS,ESFIAP,DPAGB,APAGB who one one of the Judges, attended the Exhibition and presented the cups and trophies. She said that she and the other Judges (John Chamberlin FRPS and Graham Reeves FRPS) were very impressed with the standard of our work. The Premier award for the Best print in the Exhibition went to Shirley Britton ARPS with "Sam" and the Best Projected Image in the Exhibition to Peter Phillips LRPS with "Twilight on Sennen Beach", are both illustrated below.

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The AP Trophy Competition
This annual competition was also judged by Brian Swinyard and is for a set of three related Digitally Projected Images. Brian gave helpful comments on both the individual images and the sets, resulting in a win for John Long ARPS with a set of portraits titled "Helen" 2nd was Mike Martin with a set of flowers called "Purple Passion" and in 3rd place was Shirley Britton ARPS with "Dancers"

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The Frank Thomas Trophy Competition
Our guest judge for this event on Friday 5th November was BRIAN SWINYARD MA, ARPS,EFIAP,DPAGB who gave fair and well considered comments on our work.
The trophy was awarded to Andy Beel FRPS with a set of subtle prints of shadowy people. Brian considered they were 'stunning' - regretfully they will not reproduce well due to the subtle printing. In 2nd place was John Long ARPS with a set of Biker Portraits and in 3rd place was Mike Challenger ARPS with a set of colourful smoke pictures

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Digital Workshop
On Friday 29th October, TONY POOLE ARPS, one of our own members, sat at his laptop and delighted, confused and generally fed us many hints and tips on the use of Photoshop. Tony expanded on the care to be taken with backing up our images and filing them in a way that they can be easily found a year later!

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PAGB National Print Championships
34 clubs competed from all the UK's PAGB Federations and 8 of these reached the final; unfortunately we did not make it through to the final!
The remaining 26 competed in the Plate competition with the winning club, Rolls Royce, scoring 69 points out of 75. second place went to those scoring 66 points and Kingswood had the third highest score with 65 points, a very creditable effort. It's a pity that 4 clubs tied for second place scoring 66 points which meant we couldn't claim being 3rd. However, although technically we were 7th, just one more point would have done it!
Several entries scored a maximum 15 points in the Plate Competition, including Steve Cox's entry for Kingswood "What the Eyes Can't See the Heart Can't Grieve Over"
It is still a very rewarding result and a substantial improvement over the 58 points we managed when we competed in 2006. See the above listing of full results
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Bob and Linda Pearson
We enjoyed a presentation entitled "A Photographic Journey" on Friday October 22nd from Bob Pearson FRPS, EFIAP, DPAGB and Linda Pearson ARPS
We were treated to a wonderful evening of landscapes and general travel photography from many parts of the world including the USA, Italy, Japan, Chile and other places. The pictures from the winter in Yellowstone National Park were particularly impressive.
Steve Smith FRPS, MPAGB
Members and visitors to our meeting on Friday 15th October were assembled for the long awaited visit of STEVE SMITH FRPS, MPAGB with his talk "Emotions" We were not disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed the presentation of Steve's work. In particular we viewed each print from his Fellowship Panel and he gave us the background in the taking of the picture. He is seen here with one of his most recognised photographs - and a personal favourite of mine!

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John Paul Davey FRPS
Friday 8th October saw JOHN PAUL DAVEY FRPS at our meeting with his talk "A Passion for Beauty - Plate 2" This was John's second visit to KPS and we were given a complete evening of darkroom silver prints - which in itself is a rather unique occasion these days! John's enthusiasm for his subject and equally for his darkroom time was very evident.

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Chairman's Evening
On Friday 1st October, our Chairman ADRIAN HERRING ARPS,DPAGB was our speaker and entertained us with an evening of new prints, followed by a fascinating demonstration of Gallerie Wrap, a method of displaying images for the wall. Adrian is a Fotospeed sponsored lecturer and this is one of their products.

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3rd Quarterly Competition
Results of the Competition:
PRINTS: 1st "Thro' the Blue" - John Woolley
2nd "Blue Gate Santorini" - Elizabeth Restall
3rd "Running Late" - Joanne Searle

DPI's: 1st "Silver Birches & Reflections" - Vanessa Herring
2nd "Over Birnbeck" - John Hoddinott
3rd "Harley Man" - John Long

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Judge for Quarterly Competition No.3
We were please to welcome DAVID BATHARD FRPS on Friday September 24th as our Judge for the 3rd Quarterly Competition