On Friday October 6th our meeting took the form of a digital Tutorial session on Photoshop, conducted by RAY GRACE ARPS, DPAGB Ray is a long-term friend of KPS, having once been a member. He concentrated on working with Raw Files showing us his workflow in the use of ACR

For our meeting on Friday 29th September we welcomed Ralph Snook ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB with his talk entitled "Wildlife Images from my Travels"
In the first part of the meeting we saw prints and after coffee DPI's. Images and anecdotes from trips to such places as Alaska, Bulgaria and Kenya were shown and thoroughly enjoyed by those at the meeting.

Quarterly Competition No.3
The competition was judged by a good friend of Kingswood who has been to us on numerous occasions Peter Weaver APAGB, CPAGB, LRPS who gave a considered and thoughtful judgement on our work.

Quarterly Competition No.3 2017
The results of Quarterly Competition No.3 are as follows:
Open Class - PRINTS
1st Mike Martin "With Beauty comes Wisdom
2nd Mike Martin "Faceless"
Joint 3rd Gordon Wilcock "Kingfisher just emerged from Dive"
Joint 3rd Mike Martin "Amber"

Open Class DPI's
1st Gordon Wilcock "Kingfisher emerging with Catch"
2nd Mike Martin "Love is colour blind"
3rd Adrian Herring "Lunch on Indian Train"

Pictures from Outings and Days out
On Friday 15th September 2017, members brought along their favourite pictures from Outings and Days out . Just one member (Kevin James) brought prints, but the others were all PDI's. It was intereting to see different views and compositions from the visit to the Speedway and the visit to Bristol Harbourside. It proved to be an interesting evening.
Dury & Tippet and Smart Computers
Friday 8th September 2017, our evening could be called ‘An Evening of Two Halves’

The first half was presented by Stephen Dury, a local registered optometrist. Stephen went into great detail as to how our vision plays its part in a variety of different ways in the life of a photographer. He started his talk by indicating that we do not see with our eye, we see with our brain, and explained just how our brain allows us to see what we want to see but leaving out other details which we only see at a later date when we come to process the image. All very logical but also giving much food for thought.

The second half of the evening was presented by Dean Wood, Senior Manager of Smart Computers in Keynsham. A very interesting presentation covering all aspects of the computer world, the good and the bad. He explained what Smart Computers are able to offer us as photographers, whether it be technical information and advice but they are also able to offer a bespoke service designed for our individual needs.

Both talks were very different but enjoyable and informative.
Bob Bishop EFIAP/s, BPE3, LRPS
Our speaker on Friday 1st September was Bob Bishop EFIAP/s, BPE3, LRPS with his talk 'Have Camera, will Travel' This consisted of colour and monochrome pictures from recent travels which included inspirational landscapes, street photography and people - it was most interesting when we viewed the original picture, then the scene after modifications etc. Bob also brought a display board full of prints for us to view in the coffee break. A truly great evening of photography!

Evening out at Kelston
About 20 club members spent an interesting evening out at THE RIVER AVON AT KELSTON meeting and socialising at The Lock and Weir Pub. We were fortunate that soon after arriving a Canal Boat used the lock and it was most interesting to watch the procedure of going through the lock. This was the final summer night out for this year thanks to the organisation of our Social Secretary David Dimond. A picture will no doubt appear on our Social Page later.
Across the River are the remains of the Kelston Brass Mill a Grade 2 Listed building which was working until 1925

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Critique Evening
On Friday 18th August we held a critique Evening when certain members brought along Prints and/or DPI's. It was most interesting to see work which was new to us, and it is hoped that comments made may be useful.
Our speaker on Friday 11th August 2017 was ANDREW MARKER FRPS with his talk "Journey to the FRPS and Beyond"
Andrew displayed his 'A' panel with small prints of reflections in water followed by prints of other ideas he had for the jump to a Fellowship. These did not work out and after a trip to Santorini he was inspired to gather together prints of small corners of buildings, windows and other such ideas which produced a body of work. This panel was successful! After the break we saw a selection of AV sequences with trips to Yellowstone National Park in winter etc. Truly an inspiring evening!

On Friday 4th August 2017, we viewed the WCPF TRAVELING PORTFOLIO being a collection of prints, most of which scored 12 marks. These were in several sections, monochrome, nature, travel and colour open. We stared the evening by members each being asked to comment on a print, but eventually this proved to be taking too much time, so we reverted to the title and name being read out and then the pictured viewed. This year the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners in each class were also shown. An interesting evening where a number of us were generally disappointed with the standard of the prints shown.
Our speaker on Friday 21st July 2017 was ROY JACOBSON CPAGB with his talk 'Share the view through my lens' Roy displayed a full board of prints but his presentation in the first half was with digital aviation photography. Roy is very keen aviation photographer and his knowledge about the planes shown is extensive. Several interesting AV's were shown and after the break he concentrated on his first love which is wildlife photography. The birds and other wildlife were photographed in many parts of the world. A final AV was showing alternate planes with birds mimicking the shape and aspect of the plane was spectacular.

Creative Evening
On Friday 14th July 2017, we held an "in house" event called Creative Evening.
About 12 members submitted a few images and those who wished to participate downloaded these images to their computer. Those members then worked on pictures of their choice and cropped/changed to colour or monochrome/added contrast or manipulated in some way noting what they had done. On the evening the before and after images were projected and members told what that done to the picture.
It proved to be an interesting evening to see what pictures the participating members had selected and also the different things they had done to the originals.
Ian Thomson ARPS, EFIAP/b
Our speaker at KPS On Friday 7th July was Ian Thomson ARPS, EFIAP/b with his talk 'Architecture, Landscapes and Sport' As a retired Architect, Ian's presentation showed many unique angles on buildings on the continent and in the UK. After the break he showed a panel of prints plus digitally presented traditional landscape photography. Ian told us there are few sights in life that can compare with watching the sun rise over the Scottish mountains or the English Lakes, so it is perhaps no surprise that his passion for Architectural Photography is shared with a love of Landscape Photography. This was an interesting and most enjoyable evening.

10 Minutes of Fame!
On Friday 23rd June 2017 our meeting was an "in house" event with 9 or 10 members showing either prints or DPI's to 'enjoy' their 10 Minutes of Fame and to show the audience their work. In several cases it was prints from long ago with one member admitting to have to extract prints from his loft, in other cases it was new work. It was particularly pleasing to see Vanessa's 'L' panel.
Kingswood' 'Fun in the Park event'
We were invited to take part in the Annual "FUN IN THE PARK" event, organised by the 'Friends of Kingswood Park' on Saturday 10th June. We weren't actually in the Park but in the adjacent Community Centre Hall. People were interested to see our display which was organised by Eric Pleydell, with several society members supporting during the day.

Our speaker on Friday 9th June 2017 was PETER HAWORTH ARPS
Peter is another first time speaker to the society with his talk 'Landscapes and Seascapes' in which he demonstrated his approach, pre-visual, light and filters and composition. He later also demonstrated his approach to monochrome pictures. A most interesting evening which was most enjoyable.

Quarterly Competition No.2
Quarterly Competition No.2 was held on Friday 2nd June 2017 and was judged by a long-standing friend of KPS - MARGARET COLLIS ARPS, HonEFIAP, DPAGB, APAGB, AFIAP. Margaret carefully considered the 42 prints and 36 DPI's and commented accordingly, also mentioning how surprised she had been when asked to mark each entry between 10-20

1st 'Goth Girl' by Kevin James
2nd 'Bird in Flight - Bittern' by Gordon Wilcock
3rd 'Learning to use a pencil' by Adrian Herring

1st 'Temptation' by Mike Martin
2nd 'White Rose' by Bruce Gibbs
3rd 'Young Impala against an Ant Hill' by Vanessa Herring

Outdoor Studio Session
Our meeting on Friday 19th May 2017 took the form of an outdoor Studio Session. About 20 members braved the chilly breeze to go to the Willsbridge Mill area to photograph the lovely Isabella. The session was led by Mike Martin, who gave lots of most helpful information about outdoor posing, and the use of flash in outdoor conditions.

Monochrome battle with 41 other clubs
We took part in "ONLY MONO" which was a 42 club Battle for Monochrome photography, held at the St Paul's Centre in Port Talbot. It was an excellent day, very well organised by Cymru Monochrome Club - especially Gareth Martin - attended on our behalf by Steve Bridgen, Mike Martin and John Long.
Our prints were 'Waiting for the Green' by John (15) 'Enquiring Eyes' by Adrian (18) 'Last Light of Day' by Joanne (18) and 'Contemplation' by Mike (20)
The battle was won by INN FOCUS with 75, SWANSEA with 73, COTSWOLD MONO with 72 and we came joint 4th with 71 sharing the place with 8 other clubs.
Then picture below is of Mike Martin receiving his certificate from Kevin Thomas FRPS, MA Photography, FWPF who was the excellent judge.