Our speaker on Friday 10th March 2017 was a first-time visitor to us at KPS. BEN MALIPHANT brought us his rather unique talk 'Time Lapse Photography' which consisted firstly of a gentle look at Portishead, followed by a sequence of beautiful pictures from Yosemite National Park in the USA. Ben explained how must timelapse photography is created, the use and technique of cameras in this fascinating branch of our hobby. He later projected several rather manic pieces by other photographers!

Quarterly No.1. 2017
This competition was held on Friday 3rd March 2017 and the Judge was TERRY WALTERS EFIAP from Swindon. In commenting on our work, Terry made it quite clear that he expected images to be sharp and quite a number were marked down accordingly.
This was the first Quarterly using the marking system which was voted on at the last AGM (marks between 10 and 20) and some found it all rather confusing as there were 7 prints and 7 DPI's all marked 20!

Quarterly No.1 2017 Prints

Best Print - 'Looking for a boyfriend' by Adrian Herring

Other prints also marked 20
'Under the Rainbow' by Joanne Searle
'Kelly' by Kevin James
'The Prayer Bench' by Jean Dimond
'Windscreen Ice Patterns' by Kevin James
'Creating Bubbles' by Vanessa Herring
'Young Lady from Jaiput' by Vanessa Herring


Best Print - 'Hepworth's Eye' by Rachel Woolley

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Quarterly No.1. 2017 DPI's
Best DPI - 'Swirls' by Joanne Searle

Other DI's which were also marked 20 points
'Woodpecker' by Gordon Wilcock
'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' by Mike Martin
'Indian Farm Worker' by Adrian Herring
'An Evening Dip' by Joanne Searle
'Love under a Rainbow' by Adrian Herring
'Rocky Mountaineer' by Arthur Lees

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Critique Evening
On Friday 24th February 2017, members participated in a Critique Evening. Surprisingly there were quite a few members showing prints leaving lesser time for those who wishes to show DPI's. It was felt to be an interesting evening.
"Feel Good" Event
We took the opportunity to display some prints at the Kingswood 'Feel Good' fair which took place at The Park Centre in Kingswood on Saturday the 18th February - hoping to gain some new members. Some people were interested and we are keeping our fingers crossed! (pictures Joanne Searle)

Inspiration and Perspiration
On Friday 17th February 2017 our visiting speakers were husband and wife team JOHN TILSLEY APAGB, DPAGB, ARPS and DI TILSLEY APAGB, CPAGB with their talk 'Inspiration and Perspiration'
John presented prints in the first half many of which we were able to view during the break, and Di showed DPI's after the break. A well travelled couple displaying a keen eye for subject matter and despite being in the same place at the same time, the images were quite different. A most enjoyable evening.

On Friday 10th February 2017 we were delighted to welcome Margaret Collis ARPS, Hon.EFIAP, DPAGB, APAGB, AFIAP with her print talk titled "Indo China - On and off the Beaten Track" Margaret has been a good friend to KPS for many years, visiting with Lectures and on occasions, Judging our work. Margaret was once a member and Committee member of KPS before moving to another part of the city many years ago. She tells us that she learnt much of her photographic stills whilst a member of KPS. This talk comprised of excellent prints taken in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bali. A most enjoyable evening!

Studio Evening No.1
Friday 3rd February 2017 was the first Studio Evening of the current programme. Mike Martin led the evening with the provision of excellent lighting to illuminate the model Izabela Kowaleska, a finalist in the Over 25’s category of the Top Model UK 2017 competition. Izabela proved to be an ideal, highly photogenic, model capable of responding to members’ requests for various facial expressions and physical poses. She deserves to do well in the competition. (Photo: Adrian Herring)

Friday 27TH January 2017 brought an unusual talk by BOB BRAY and DAVID SAGE ARPS titled "LACOCK, A CHANGING ENGLISH VILLAGE"
Harold White FRPS was asked by the British Council in 1944 to capture life in an English Village. Lacock was chosen to show the American Forces what they were fighting for. Two very enterprising local photographers Bob and David decided to replicate some of Harold's pictures as it is today. They had managed in many cases to locate relatives of some of the people shown in his pictures and such prints, in colour, were shown alongside the original monochrome pictures together with comments and recollections. You can view sets of Harold White's pictures by going to Below is a picture of David and Bob with some of the pictures.

Friday 20th January 2017 featured a new speaker to KPS - DAVID KJAER - with his talk 'Highlands and Islands - Scottish Wildlife'
We enjoyed an evening of Scottish Wildlife projected images, particularly birds.
Birds such as the Dotterel and Ptarmigan were shown in amazing detail and we were transported to islands like the Bass Rock, Craigleath, Handa, Hebrides and Skye. Birds in flight were most imopressive - altogether a most enjoyable evening.

Travels Toward the Edge
Our visiting speakers on Friday 13th January 2016 were Peter Brisley ARPS and Sue O'Connell ARPS, EFIAP/s, DPAGB and BPE4* with their joint presentation "Travels Toward the Edge" Peter and Sue go to some less frequented destinations including a Worlds Heritage site deep in the Libyan Sahara, Cambodia, Java and India. Sue presented her pictures and short AV's in the first half and Peter with prints after the tea break. This was an excellent evening to be taken to some most unusual places.

Cheltenham Salon 2016
On Friday 6th January 2017 we viewed the 2016 Cheltenham Salon of Photography. This was brought to us, as last year, by Richard McCleery. We saw many projected images and the winners of the various categories. Several of our own members - Vanessa and Adrian Herring and Mike Martin's images were included in the presentation. A moat enjoyable evening.

Christmas Meeting
Friday 23rd December 2016 was the annual Fun Meeting! Members were asked to bring 6 prints - any size, mounted or unmounted. These were put into six piles and a knock-out competition took place, resulted in a win for BERNICE DEANE the second and third prints were from ARTHUR LEES
Landscapes won the day!
This was followed by a buffet supper and general chit-chat. More pictures eventually on the Social Page

On Friday 16th December the talk was "Exploring the strange world of Strip/Slit Photography" by JACK SUGDEN. This was a fascinating talk and would be familiar to people in the form of photo finish images from sporting events. Jake explained how the process works and showed many original pictures and the results using this technique.

Quarterly No.4 2016
The final Quarterly Competition for 2016 was held on Friday 9th December 2016 and was the first one organised most efficiently by our newly elected Competition Secretary, Hilary Kay. The judge was new to us at KPS, Ian Drake. Ian commented very carefully and thoughtfully on all the Prints and DPI's and I feel sure we shall see him again in a judging capacity at a future date.

Quarterly No.4 2016
Intermediate Class Prints

1st 'Evening light, Lake Bled' by Brenda Sparrow
2nd 'Ruby Crystal' by Brenda Sparrow
3rd ' Stalactites, Postjana Caves' by Brenda Sparrow

Quarterly No.4 2016 Open Class
Open Class Prints
1st 'Family Bible' by Derek Webber
2nd 'The Girl with Green Hair by Kevin James
3rd 'Lone Traveller' by John Sparrow

Open Class DPI's
1st 'Lip Eyes' by Mike Martin
2nd 'Fluffy' by Mike Martin
3rd 'Body Builder' by Bernice Deane

Iain McGowan FRPS
On Friday, 2nd December we welcomed Iain McGowan FRPS back to Kingswood PS with his talk "Straight from the Garden Shed" This was a fascinating talk consisting of prints covering many subjects, either as individual mounted prints or as Collages covering as many as 30 prints mounted on one board. Iain's enthusiasm for his subject was very evident and he allowed some of the small individual prints to be passed around the audience. Members were fascinated to learn that Iain doesn't use a computer, but prints straight from memory cards.

Our visitor on Friday 25th November 2016 was GILL CARDY FRPS, DPAGB, AFIAP with her talk 'The Path to Fellowship'
Gill explained how encouragement from many close friend led to her successful application for Fellowship in Natural History. We were shown many digitally projected pictures - some of which were scanned from slides - of excellent natural history pictures from many parts of the world. It was amusing to see a number of pictures of Gill actually in action on location and Members were keen to view the actual print panel during the coffee break.