Award to Glynnys Poole
Our entry to the WCPF organised 'KINGSWOOD SALVER' competition didn't win an award, but one of our prints - by GLYNNYS POOLE was awarded a Highly Commended. Glynnys is seen here with Geoff Nash, Chairman.

Clubman of the year - 2016
More correctly, this should be "Clubperson" of the year, and for 2016 the person selected by the committee was BRENDA SPARROW The trophy was presented during the AGM and Brenda is seen here receiving the trophy from Chairman Geoff Nash.

69th Annual General Meeting
The 69th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING was held on Friday 18th November 2016. Officers and Committee gave their reports and a new committee were elected. Details of the new committee may be found on the Officers Page.
Annual Exhibition - Prints
The Exhibition was held on Friday 11th November 2016 - the Judges were: Tony Byram,Hilary Britland and Ralph Snook.

Open Class.
Best Print in the Exhibition and:
1st Pictorial Category 'Dragon Queen' by Mike Martin
1st People Category 'Punk with Attitude' by Kevin James
1st Nature Category 'Egret with Catch' by Vanessa Herring
1st Applied Category 'Sunflower' by Kevin James

Best Monochrome Print in the Exhibition
'Letting off Steam' by Arthur Lees

Winner in the Intermediate Class
'The ATS Sergeant' by Brenda Sparrow
Annual Exhibition, Digitally Projected Images
No-one from the Intermediate class entered any DPI's, so these are OPEN Class

Best DPI in the Exhibition also
1st Pictorial Category. 'Casting the Next' by Sue Winkworth
1st People Category. 'Contemplation' by Mike Martin
1st Nature Category. 'Sri Lankan Elephant Water Play' by Adrian Herring
1st Applied Category. 'Poolbeg Lighthouse' by Bernice Deane

Annual Audio-Visual Forum
The Annual Audio-Visual Forum took place on Friday 4th November 2016. Members viewed, and hopefully enjoyed, contributions from Sue Winkworth, Arthur Lees and John Long, Technical problems prevented us from seeing work from Dave Bryan. We were also hoping to see some the late Valerie Rawling's work, but the computer didn't appear to want to run these from the CD.
For our meeting on Friday 28th October 2016, we welcomed a new visitor to KPS - VICKI BOULTER ARPS, DPAGB with her talk "Photography is Art"
Vicki had brought prints for display, but her talk was with projected images showing a combination of photographs together with Vicki's work in digital art. The before and after shots were most interesting and Vicki also showed how much of her art was created by making special brushes. Most of the photographs of children were fantasy shots where the children were shown playing the sort of person or hero they admired and then Vicki created a montage around that with the children playing a critical part in the composition. It was a most interesting evening!

Our visiting speaker on Friday 21st October 2016 was ANDREW WOOD LRPS, AFIAP with his talk 'Pocketmoney Photography' Andrew had divided his talk into sections, firstly showing his three most awarded images, then pictures of his favourite subjects including street photography, landscape, portrait and still life. After the break we were shown pictures from a recent visit to Bhutan. Some wonderful outdoor portraits of the people of that country together with landscapes and location photography. Andrew is passionate about his photography and this came over during the evening!

On Friday 14th October 2016 we welcomed the return of MARTIN FRY FRPS,EFIAP,AV-AFIAP,BPE3* APAGB with "The Cotswold Lad Returns" Martin led us through a journey from A and E - from Artist to Excellence, giving details of the requirements for FIAP Distinctions. We were treated to a number of fine Audio Visual presentations - I was particularly thrilled with a wonderful sequence of Autumn colours. Martin also showed individual images and indicated how improvements could be made by reducing certain colours within a picture, and how a slight crop can made all the difference

Presentation - Sue Winkworth
Chairman Geoff Nash presents Sue Winkworth with a Silver Medal and two Certificates from the PAGB for success with her image "Casting the Net"

On Friday 7th October 2016, our speaker was GARETH MARTIN CPAGB, AWPF with his talk "Just Miniatures' Gareth is a "first time" speaker to KPS and we saw a large body of monochrome and colour work, including one spectacular set in sepia taken at Cwmorthin in bad weather. As titled, the prints were quite small but members had equipped themselves with binoculars to enable them to view the prints. Gareth has a wicked sense of humour which accompanied many of his prints!

On Friday 30th September 2016, Chris Deane led a Digital Workshop. A number of members gave him Raw Files and six other members worked on the files and produced their version of the picture. This proved to be an interesting evening, with many differing results!
Quarterly No.3. 2016
On Friday 23rd September 2016, the Judge for our Competition No.3 was Pete McCloskey FRPS, APAGB. Pete had a total of 63 prints and 79 DPI's to comment on and dealt fairly and very competently with the complete entry.

Q3 2016
Open Class Prints
1st 'Preparation is Everything' by Mike Martin
2nd 'Nash Point' by Mike Martin
3rd 'Black Nab at Dawn' by Elizabeth Restall

Open Class - DPI's
1st 'We are the Cheeky Girls' by Vanessa Herring
2nd 'Chinese Calligraphy' by Sue Winkworth
3nd 'British Grass Track Championships' by Adrian Herring

Q3 2016
Intermediate Class - Prints

1st 'The Horse Master' by Brenda Sparrow
2nd 'Step Back in Time' by Brenda Sparrow
3rd 'Chalice of Dawn' by Rachael Woolley

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Exhibition at Kingswood Library
We had the opportunity to display our pictures at KINGSWOOD LIBRARY for a three week period and here are two pictures of the display boards.
Thanks to all who contributed.

Joan and Clive Rathband
Friday, 16th September 2016 brought JOAN RIDER RATHBAND FRPS, FPSSA. AFIAP, DPAGB and CLIVE RATHBAND FRPS, FPSSA, EFIAP to us with their talk 'More of our Favourite Things' The presentation included recent images from home and overseas - in the main Flora, Fauna and wildlife mostly from the Kruger National Park in South Africa.
They also brought much of the gear they use including items which it easy to keep the camera steady when shooting from a vehicle. It was an excellent evening and mucn enjoyed by the members

Richard McCleery
Our speaker on Friday 9th September 2016 was RICHARD McCLEERY with a talk titled "Photo Odyssey" This talk was rather different as it was split into sections detailing Richard's interest and progress in photography. Richard is a much travelled photographer and showed an extensive variety of work. Being active with the Cheltenham Camera Club, Richard has visited us on several previous occasions bringing the Cheltenham Salon of Photography for us to see.

Pictures from the Summer Outings.
Friday 2nd September 2016. Quite a crowd for this evening (well,it was the handing-in date for the next Quarterly!), but seriously those members who had struggled out for the summer outings, many of which were poor weather, provided DPI's which made a most interesting evening.
Evening at the Harbourside
Our meeting on 26th August 2016 was at the Harbourside in Bristol. 20 plus members attended and received instructions from Mike Martin (who arrived with mountains of flash units, brollies, triggers, and poles!) on balancing flash with daylight. the models were, seen here left to right, Paul, Liliana and Keith. Lots of pictures were taken in several different locations and no doubt many will be seen at future meetings of the society.
(Photo: John Long)