Studio Evening One
The first Studio Evening of the year was held on Friday 29th January and was a tutorial evening given by our member Mike Martin We had a model and Mike proceeded to demonstrate different styles of lighting. The camera was tethered via a laptop to a large display screen to enable members to view the portraits taken. We were shown different lighting techniques including Key, Broad, accent, rim, feathered and Rembrandt. This was a most informative evening, and Mike was assisted by Kevin Poole who acted as his "roadie" The model "Eric" was a good looking but very silent chap!

On Friday 22nd January 2016 another new speaker to our Society DERWENT PAMPHILON ARPS, AFIAP presented 'People, Movement and Interesting Places'
Derwent displayed a board-full of prints, featuring Portraits and Dance and his main talk being with DPI's. Amongst other subjects there was a series on derelict places including Art Nudes in these locations, both in the UK and on the continent. All in all a fascinating evening.

Sandie Cox ARPS, DPAGB
Another 'first time' speaker joined us on Friday 15th January, Sandie Cox ARPS, DPAGB presented "This, that & Wildlife" a most interesting print talk. In the first half Sandie showed some of her early work, mostly landscapes, people and wildlife pictures, and finishing with her successful 'A' panel. After coffee, we were entertained with mostly wildlife pictures from the Artic, The Antarctic, India, Alaska and Africa. Bears in Alaska, Polar bears in the Arctic, penguins in the Antarctic and so much more. A great evening!

Steve Dury ARPS, DPAGB
Our first meeting of 2016 on Friday 8th January was a unique talk by Steve Dury ARPS, DPAGB titled FAST FORWARD TO 1642
During the first part of the evening Steve showed prints illustrating his interests of music, old derelict buildings, creative portraiture and many others. However, after coffee and introduced by a dry-ice machine - he appeared in the uniform of a soldier in Henry Tilliers Regiment of Foot from the Sealed Knot Group. Steve was accompanied by Sue Williams who was dressed as a Drummer in the same Reginemt. We were shown a great many prints of Sealed Knot events. This was indeed a unique evening!

Christmas Quiz and Supper
Our final meeting this year - Friday December 18th - consisted of a quiz, teams of six. Decided we must be an uneducated bunch - the winning team only scored 23 out of 60 !!
However, we DID have an enjoyable supper afterwards - lots of excellent food and nibbles.
Photo courtesy of Dave Rumsam

Finals of our Quarterly Competitions for 2015
The Judge for Quarterly Competition No.4 was Terry Walters from Swindon. He dealt with prints and DPI's in a very efficient manner telling us that he did't "do soft" but needed prints and images to be "sharp" He gave interesting comments on all the Prints and DPI's and particularly praised our Intermediate work.

At the end of the evening, the President John Long presented the trophies. The winners for the year were as follows:

Intermediate Prints: Gordon Wilcock
Intermediate DPI's: Bernice Deane
Open Prints: Vanessa Herring
Open DPI's; Mike Martin.

The winner of the Creative Tankard for all the Quarterlies plus the Annual Exhibition was Mike Martin

AS photograph can be seen below.
Quarterly Competition No.4. OPEN
Results in the OPEN CLASS were as follows:
1st 'Low Light on the Trunks' by Elizabeth Restall
2nd 'Links and Leaves' by Bruce Gibbs
3rd 'Old Faithfull' by Vanessa Herring

1st 'Midday Cowboy' by Hilary Kay
2nd 'Sentinel' by Mike Martin
3rd 'Christmas Cheer' by Sue Winkworth

Quarterly Competition No.4 INTERMEDIATE
The final competition of 2015 resulted as follows:
1st 'The Driver' by David Dimond
2nd 'Heron Preening' by Gordon Wilcock
3rd 'Ellie' by Chris Deane

1st 'Ornate Window' by Chris Deane
2nd 'Calm before the storm' by Bernice Deane

We offer our congratulations to JOHN SPARROW on his successful Panel of prints which gained him an LRPS.

Cup Winners, Quarterly Competitions 2015
End of the Competition year the 4th Quarterly results revealed. The overall winners were: (left to right) Mike Martin (Open Prints and the Creative Tankard), Bernice Deane(Intermediate DPI's), Vanessa Herring (Open DPI's) and Gordon Wilcock (Intermediate Prints}

We are delighted to announce yet another success within the society, Chris Deane has gained the Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society - we congratulate him on his success!

Our speaker on Friday 4th December 2015, was a 'long-time' friend of the society LEIGH PRESTON FRPS, MFIAP with his talk "The Great Divide" This was an essay on the USA, and was very thought provoking about the people and places in the States, especially the vast empty areas of Montana etc. The vast majority of the prints were made in the darkroom, many being Lith or Infra Red. This was Leigh's 14th or 15th visit to the society, the first being in the mid-eighties!

Exhibition Winners at Kingswood Library
This year we were fortunate to be able to show our Exhibition winning prints at Kingswood Library for two weeks. It is hoped that someone may be inspired to join us as a result!

Margaret Salisbury FRPS, MFIAP, FIPF, APAGB
On Friday 27th November, the eagerly awaited talk by Margaret Salisbury FRPS, MFIAP, FIPF, APAGB titled 'The Flying Dragon' was duly delivered. Margaret had us laughing one moment and almost crying the next with her description of her pictures from around the world. Margaret explained that in the last 15 years, she and her husband delighted in "SKI-ing" (Spending the Kids Inheritance) by visiting no less 32 different countries. In doing so the many poignant and emotional pictures were taken and we were delighted to be able to see these. An evening to be remembered.

68th Annual General Meeting
The AGM for 2015 was held on Friday 20th November, and the Officers and Committee are now as shown on the Officers Page of the website.
At the end of the meeting the "Clubman of the Year" trophy was presented to Glynnys Poole

Annual Exhibition - Open Class
The 66th Annual Member's Annual Exhibition was displayed on Friday 13th November 2015. The judges this year were Ted Wilson, Ken Hudson CPAGB and Martin Fry FRPS, APAGB

Prints People Category:
1st 'Enquiring Eyes" by Adrian Herring. Also awarded the Best Print in the Exhibition, also the Best Monochrome Print in the Exhibition
Pictorial Category:
1st 'Caught in the act' by Adrian Herring
Nature Category:
1st 'Tree Climbing Lion' by Vanessa Herring
Record/Applied Category:
1st 'Lincoln Cathedral' by Tony Withers

Record/Applied Category
1st 'Way Out' by Joanne Searle Also awarded the Best DPI in the Exhibition
Pictorial Category:
1st 'Pictures at an Exhibition' by Mike Martin
People Category:
1st 'Work enslaves us all' by Mike Martin
Nature Category:
1st 'Grey Wolf enjoying lunch' by Adrian Herring

Annual Exhibition, Intermediate Class
1st 'Determination' by David Dimond
2nd 'Dinner for Two' by Bernice Deane
3rd 'Girl in a Red Dress by David Dimond - this prints was also
awarded the cup for the Best Colour Print in the Exhibition.

1st Early Frost by Chris Deane
2nd Street Art by Bernice Deane
3rd What Next? by David Dimond

66th Annual Exhibition
The 66th Annual Exhibition was held on Friday 13th November 2015, and this is a photograph of the Cup Winners. (left to right)
Adrian Herring, Chris Deane, David Dimond, Vanessa Herring, Mike Martin and Joanne Searle. The young lady is Gracie, granddaughter of Joanne, kindly holding the heavy trophy for Nana!

It's also rather fun for the President making the awards!

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On Friday 6th November we were delighted to welcome Leo Rich ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB, EFIAP/g on his return, visiting us for the 7th time. Leo is admittedly a people photographer, but the first part of the evening he showed us quirky pictures taken in French towns and villages. Pictures , he said, which are not his normal style at all! He followed this with 'different' pictures taken on a safari in Africa. Later in the evening we returned to his stamping ground of India and we were shown people pictures coupled with many interesting nature shots.

On Friday 30th October we were delighted to welcome JAY CHARNOCK FRPS as a first time speaker. Jay delighted us with her pictures and her humour!
She stressed that she didn't have a special interest in any particular style of photography, but would photograph anything which pleased her. Assisted by her husband, she showed many subject and styles including alternative processes. It was an outstanding evening!
(with my apologies for the flare caused by the overhead lighting catching Jay's print, which I should have spotted when taking the picture!)

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