Social Page

Words and pictures from our Social Events and Outings

My name is Joanne Searle and I have pleasure in welcoming you to the social page of Kingswood Photographic Society.

We hold 48 meetings throughout the year with an excellent programme which includes social evenings during June, July and August, enabling us to make the best of the summer evenings when they are at their longest. We have recently appointed a social secretary with the intention of expanding the social side of the club beyond club evenings and it is open to all members.

Our venues are varied to include all types of photography. Whether you enjoy architecture, portraiture, nature, landscape, seascape or night photography, we cater for everything and we are always looking at new ideas and welcome any suggestions by members.

It is a time when ideas are shared and for those new to photography it offers the opportunity of learning on a one-to-one basis with the more experienced photographers in the club who are always willing to help and share their knowledge.

It is also a time when friendships are made, particularly at the end of the evening when it is usual to visit the local pub for a drink and a chat before making for home.

Please join me and look at some images that have been captured by members during outings and events that have been enjoyed by KPS members.



Despite appalling weather conditions 11 stalwart members met at Lacock to view the dawn of photography with Threshold, a new virtual reality artwork by Mat Collishaw.
Despite the weather we were all keen to see this new artwork and to try the virtual reality experience. On entering the exhibition we were given a brief explanation as to what we would be seeing, and not to worry about the mice running across the floor or the sound of rioting as we looked out of the windows !
We then entered in groups of 4 to minimise collisions with each other, the experience has to be tried to fully understand how good it is.
If anyone hasn't yet been, it can be fully recommended. It is on until 29 October 2017, although booking is required.


It was such a lovely evening for our outing to the Jolly Sailor in Saltford. There was certainly plenty to see and photograph within such a small area but there were also lovely walks along the river if you wanted to venture further afield, making the visit very worthwhile. We ended up with our usual drink, a laugh and a chat before making for home.


On Friday 30 June quite a few members of Kingswood Photographic Society met at Bitton Railway Station for a guided tour behind the scenes.
This proved to be very informative and many photographs were taken, hopefully to be seen later in the year.
The rest of the evening was spent socialising at The Lock Keeper where the World was put to rights !!!


On Friday 16 June a meeting at Burnham-on-Sea Speedway was well attended by KPS members for a photographic evening with a difference.
The weather was on our side, even if the traffic proved difficult. Some of our members were delayed by motorway problems but on arriving had a most enjoyable evening.
The speedway was fast and furious and most of the members stayed until the light started to go, by which time we had plenty of images to take home.


Kingswood community had organised Fun in the Park and invited Kingswood Photographic Society to join them. We accepted their offer and had a display of our work which we hoped people visiting the fair would enjoy. A number of KPS members manned the stand throughout the day, met many interesting members of the community and enjoyed the experience.


After a disappointing weather forecast for our Sunday meeting, it was a pleasant surprise to find 10 members plus one wife had come along to join us.
Luckily the weather stayed dry but somewhat cloudy for the day but that did not stop us taking plenty of images.
With free access to anywhere at Didcot and rides included in the ticket price there was plenty to keep us busy all day.
One of the most photographed attractions was The Oxford Ukuleles performing at the station. They were a very colourful group and we should expect to see images at our club meetings in the future.
To sum up 'A Good Day was had by all'.


Let Christmas commence......
Our Christmas party this year was a fun knockout print competition followed by a splendid buffet which was enjoyed by everyone. An excellent start to the festive season.
The winners of the very prestigious prizes were Bernice Deane who came first, followed by Arthur Lees who took both second and third place, as shown above.



An evening visit to the harbourside. A very enjoyable evening strolling around this historic harbour before our usual refreshments and chat at the end of the evening. Unfortunately the weather was poor for photography but nevertheless it gave ideas for another time.


Another interesting and enjoyable evening exploring a number of points of interest in and around Clifton. We met on the Downs and then made our way to the Observatory where there are the most wonderful views of the Suspension Bridge and across Bristol. We found love locks on a fence above the bridge with messages, some of which, we found to be very poignant. The flowers on the rock face were also just beautiful. We stayed a while and then explored around the Suspension Bridge itself, some venturing onto the bridge where the views in both directions were just stunning and made up for the rather dull weather. We visited the Royal York Crescent before ending our evening in the local pub for a drink and a chat before making for home.


A lovely evening was enjoyed in Bath with just the lightest sprinkling of rain. It was overcast but some pictures were taken and the beautiful Bathwick Meadows and the panorama of Bath were admired by everyone. It was noted as a location for a better day. Drink was taken finally at the Huntsman as a reward for a warm and pleasant walk.


We started our day visiting Long Barrow, accessible chambered tombs used as a burial chamber many years ago and part of the Avebury World Heritage Site.
After exploring this area we moved on to Avebury where we had lunch. After lunch we walked the henge which is a huge circular bank and ditch that includes part of the village of Avebury and is one of the greatest marvels of prehistoric Britain. Within the henge is the largest stone circle in Britain, once 100 stones.
We ended up with coffee in Avebury village. A most enjoyable day full of history and many laughs.


After days of rain it was a pleasure to be presented with a day of cloudless skies for our trip to Slimbridge. After lunch we all went our own way around this beautiful park visiting the areas that interested us the most. All sorts of wild birds and, of course, the otters giving their usual comical display. Everyone had a very enjoyable day before making their way home.

Tony Withers was ill at the time of the Annual Exhibition which was such a shame as he won the cup for the best photograph in the Record and Applied section. It was with great pleasure that this was presented to him at a later date.


Special permission had been granted for a group of KPS members to photograph in and around Cabot Circus, Bristol. Beautiful architecture giving inspiring shapes and angles with the lighting adding that added aspect to images. Rules were laid down before we started our evening of photography with security at the site and we all stayed within those limits.
Our evening ended with the usual social drink and chat.


What beautiful weather for our night out in Clevedon. 16 members enjoyed an excellent evening some going in the direction of the Pier and others completing Poet's Walk. It was unfortunate that many struggled with the holiday traffic but as the evening was so enjoyable and as we also ended at the Salt House it was soon forgotten as we enjoyed a drink and good chat.


Our social secretary had organised a stroll along the Kennet and Avon Canal as part of the summer evening programme. The sun shone and the evening was warm although it became chilly towards the end of the evening. We all walked the canal and then some of the party decided to return and explore the local church and churchyard. Afterwards we all met at The George for our usual finale.


Another enjoyable social evening when 13 club members met at the beautiful Bath Botanical Gardens. The evening was warm and sunny and the flowers in their full spendour. We all enjoyed our usual drink and social chat at the end of the evening.



We did not have the warm sunshine as we did on our previous visit to Portishead but the sun did shine which gave good lighting and some interesting skies. We walked all around the harbour, stopping where there was a photographic opportunity and admired the new Life Boat Station which has not long been completed. From this point there were good views of the two Severn bridges. After our loop around we all gathered for a drink before heading home.


Miserable weather for our first evening out on the summer programme. Would anyone turn up, or would they prefer to be warm and cosy in front of the television ?? Twelve people came along and we had a really super evening. Photography was very challenging. Some people walked the bridge which was a challenge in itself, with the high winds, and some chose to go underneath the bridge where I am sure it was calmer. However, we were not disappointed as we had a really social time chatting, catching up on all the news and getting ideas for the summer to come.
We did, of course, enjoy our trip to The Boar for a warm and a drink to end the evening.


An excellent evening was organised by Mike Martin, a KPS member who is experienced in studio work. Gemma proved to be a model who was professional in every way possible and gave all KPS members a fantastic opportunity to learn how to photograph models with the help of Mike and his expertise in the use of lighting. Gemma proved to be a great model, an excellent performer and certainly experienced in the use of makeup. I am sure everyone would welcome her back at a later date.


The 66th Annual Exhibition was held at St Barnabas Church Hall on Friday 21 November. It was the most successful evening with in excess of 65 people attending, ranging from the age of 10 to ....... !! Many visitors came along to see our work and to hear about the club and its activities. Congratulations to all those who entered their work into the exhibition, whether you were successful in pleasing the judges or not, everyone was a winner.


On a glorious September day 12 members of KPS made their way to the American Museum in Bath for the annual American War Re-enactment. It was a very photogenic event with many people in period costume that were more than willing to have their photograph taken.
There is always plenty of action taking place in this beautiful setting, everyone enjoyed the day and felt that it was well worth the visit.


After a few apprehensions regarding the weather 16 KPS members visited the Botanical Gardens in Bath for the last of the summer outings which are included in the programme. Although overcast the rain was relatively kind for the whole evening giving us the opportunity of strolling around the gardens at our leisure. For a number of people it was their first visit so it was a whole new experience for them. We finished our evening at a local watering hole for a chance to make friendly conversation and enjoy each others company. Special thanks goes to Gordon for arranging collection and return of the keys.


Our visit to Temple Meads Station was by special arrangement and limited to just 15 people. We were signed in and given our badges which made us feel very important while photographing within the station. We were allowed access to all areas although had to work within certain guidelines with regard to safety constraints.
The first stage of Temple Meads Station was built in the 1840's, expanded in 1870's and again in the 1930's. It is of historical significance and most of the site is listed as Grade I.
A very worthwhile visit offering all types of photography. A special thanks to Brian Cheer who was instrumental in organising the trip.


Sunday saw our visit to the American Museum for the Independence Day event. The weather was extremely kind to us and the people taking part in the reenactment were very willing to have their photographs taken. Both ladies and gentlemen were in period costume which many of them make themselves. Apparently it is not a cheap hobby these days. There is a great deal of research and work that goes into making it accurate for the date. As always there were muskets and canons being fired.


A group of KPS members decided to enjoy more of an evening of entertainment than photography and decided to join The Comedy Walk in Bath. Bizarre Bath is a unique evening of entertainment which gave us many laughs while we strolled around the centre of Bath. There is always such a good atmosphere in Bath and at dusk it brings everything to life.
A really good evening finished off in the usual way with a drink in the local pub and a friendly chat.


The second of our Summer outings was to the Old Severn Bridge. 22 members of KPS enjoyed an absolutely glorious evening, full of late sunshine, and as most of the members had never walked out onto the bridge it was something different to experience. There were wonderful views from the bridge and also sightings of orchids along the footpath, as well as the opportunity of taking motion shots of the traffic crossing the bridge. As the sun went down there were some quite dramatic skies. We all see many images of the bridge straddling the Severn at sunset so it made a pleasant change to see it from a very different perspective. We finished our evening at the friendly and welcoming Boars Head Inn.

Another successful evening out which proved to be a very popular venue.


The KPS outing to the Portishead Marina was a great success. Not the brilliant lighting which we had hoped for, but nevertheless it gave the opportunity of walking around the marina in pleasant conditions, in our own time and at our own pace. Although very close to Bristol I wonder how many give thought to exploring this area, which has expanded into something to be really proud of. The marina is full of boats of all sorts and sizes and the surrounding buildings have been sympathetically planned. Certainly worth a visit if you have an afternoon spare.

We always try to include a group photograph and this evening we took one at the beginning and one at the end of our visit. I think you will agree that the first one is very sedate but by the end of the evening, over a drink in the local pub, we definitely look as if we have had a good social time when we all got to know each other that little bit better.

Our next outing is on Friday 20 June when we will be visiting the Old Severn Bridge. Our social secretary, Kevin Poole, is available on and would be pleased to give you more details. Why not join us ??


Six members of KPS visited the Morgan Car Factory in Malvern. It was a very interesting trip even for one not normally enamoured by cars. Each car, which is unique to it's owner, is only worked on by a handful of craftspeople who sign off each section personally as the car progresses through the workshops. We saw 30-40 cars in production and the use of aluminium and ash was a revelation. The car that really caught everyone's eye was the blue one 'Born to be Wild'. Skull headlights, skeletal hands for mirrors and painted with a picture of the grim reaper. It took 300 hours for an artist to paint and was right out there with the best. If there is another trip it will be organised specifically for photographers which will give more time to admire the artistry. Although not the longest of trips it was very worthwhile.


A group of KPS members enjoyed a full day at Church Farm, Yatton Keynell photographing a classic motorcycle scramble.
For some members it was their first experience of a motorcycle scramble and others had not attended a scramble since their teens.It was an interesting day with lots of noise and excitement plus lots of mud and dirt thrown in for good measure, free of charge. Regrettably there is nowhere near the same following for this type of event nowadays compared with the sixties and as a result there is only one held per year compared with four some years ago.
The event was organised by Bath Classic Motorcycle Club.


Our Social Secretary, Kevin Poole, organised a trip to the International Centre for the Birds of Prey and a group of KPS members had a memorable day enjoying the flying displays, explanations of how the Centre works and their hopes for the future. The Centre started life in 1967 and is probably the best known raptor Centre in the conservation world. The purpose of the Centre is to conserve and work with just two groups of birds, the diurnal birds of prey: eagles, falcons, hawks etc. and the nocturnal birds of prey such as owls. The Centre is the oldest raptor centre in the UK and the second oldest in the world with some of the birds having been with the Centre almost as long as it has been in existence.

The day was a bonus as we virtually had wall to wall sunshine and after the recent miserable weather it was greatly appreciated. As well as being informative the group very much enjoyed each others company with plenty of photography and plenty of laughs. The flowers, and indeed all the area were beautifully maintained and offered photography outside of the main attraction - the birds.

Why not join us on our next outing. You would be very welcome.


This evening we had a change to our programme when Alison Price and Bob Ryan offered to step in and give an instructional talk in the first half of the evening relating to how to photograph wildlife including some stunning images of Antartica. Alison used to specialise in dog portraiture, taking on commissions, and she gave us an insight into how she went about photographing many different dogs and their antics.
In the second half we were pleased to welcome Henry, who behaved impeccably, especially with all the flashing lights.
I am sure everyone found it to be an informative and fun evening.


Six members of KPS were privileged to be able to visit Bristol Blue Glass Works for a demonstration of how this beautiful glass is made. It was a fascinating afternoon and we were not limited to where we could go with regard to photography, in fact the two people demonstrating went out of their way to make it easy for us to move around as and where we wished. Of course we had to be sensible with regard to health and safety but everything that we wanted to do was made accessible to us. It is a visit that has to be limited with regard to numbers and six people, with a maximum of eight, would work well, without people getting into each others way.
It is hoped that other members of KPS will be interested to visit in the future with Kevin Poole, Social Secretary, being the organiser. Their demonstrations are free of charge but we all donated an agreed sum of money to their favoured charity as a thank you.


To finish our year we enjoy a Christmas party, starting with an in club competition. There is a prize to stimulate the interest and it is always something which brings a smile. The second half of our evening is filled with an extensive buffet and plenty of chat before making for home to enjoy the festive season with our family and friends.



A group of 12 KPS members enjoyed a lovely evening at the Bristol Harbour Festival. The weather was warm and sunny and being the end of the day the shadows were long and the colours well saturated with the late evening sunshine. We all decided that we should have a group picture taken with one of the 80 gromits which are located in and around Bristol. For fun we also tried to get a group reflected picture which didn't really work out too well but has been included with the images. We mingled with the crowds and the remaining images convey the happy atmosphere of the evening. Most of us ended the evening with a cool drink and a friendly chat.


A beautiful summer evening which enabled us to continue with our plans to photograph Mike Palfrey's Bugatti car. Mike has spent a lifetime building this car, not restoring it but actually building it from scratch and we felt privileged that he was willing to bring it along to the Avon Valley Railway for us to photograph amongst the atmosphere of days gone by.

A group of 27 people from KPS took advantage of this unusual opportunity and were not disappointed. It was also lovely to see the pride on Mike's face and the enjoyment at being able to show off his 'baby'.

A number of people from KPS were thanked for their efforts in making this happen and a huge thank you was given to Mike for allowing the evening to be organised around the Bugatti, his pride and joy. A group then continued on to the Lock Keeper in Keynsham for a very refreshing drink (or two !!)

We were delighted to be able to hand a donation to the amount of £50 to Barrie Nash who is a volunteer on the Avon Valley Railway.


The intention was to visit some unknown parts of Bath although we did start with the usual things like the Colonnades in Stall Street and the new Southgate shopping centre. From there we wandered towards the railway station and its new developments.

We then made our way to Widcombe along the canal to take a look at the locks before going back to the centre of Bath along the opposite towpath and crossing back to the main area by Poultney Bridge.

Everyone agreed that it was a really interesting evening photographing parts of Bath that they had not seen before, so a successful evening and enjoyed by all.


Our second social evening on the programme took us to Goldney Gardens, a beautiful area in the centre of Bristol which is owned and maintained by the University of Bristol. Our guided tour took us around a garden combining formal and informal styles of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. It also included The Grotto which is lit by skylights and decorated with various minerals, 200 species of shells and coral, a pool with a fountain as well as the Orangery and the Heritage Orchard. Certainly plenty to see and enjoyed by all, although the weather could have been kinder.


On our first summer outing we had the pleasure of being guided around the Bristol University Campus visiting the Senate House and many other interesting areas.

The University of Bristol is a research university and received its Royal Charter in 1909. It covers a vast area of existing buildings and new build and it has been named amongst the World's top 30 universities by the QS World University Rankings.

For my report I focus on the Royal Fort House and its gardens which are constructed on the site of a Civil War fortification. The fort was demolished around 1655 after having surrendered to Cromwell's forces but an archaeological investigation in 2009 discovered a defence ditch, two bastions and the possible foundations of a defensive wall on the summit of St Machaels' Hill.

The Royal Fort Gardens adjoin the house which you will see from the images include beautifully tended lawns, flower beds and a pond. A stainless steel maze is also included which offered much entertainment.

All KPS members agreed that we had anjoyed a superb evening headed by David Skelhorne, Contracts Supervisor who definitely gave us plenty of information to include the past and present history of the campus.

These tours are offered by the University, if you are interested please contact David Skelhorne on 0117 33 17790 or mobile 7770 265108.


KPS members enjoyed a really super evening with Jodie and Colin, models who were introduced to us by Steve Cox. Tuition on lighting and how to set the camera to get the best results was given by Steve which, hopefully, helped members to get the best out of the evening.

Look out for our next visit by Steve, visitors are welcome to join in. Bring along your camera, help is always available by many of our members who are experts in this field.


In the absence of rain, which would have provided great conditions for photographing Christmas Steps, some of us could be seen in Nelson Street photographing the work of the graffiti artists, whereas other members of KPS were drawn to the sunken walkway in St James Barton, otherwise known as The Bear Pit. The good news on this occasion was despite the weather being drab, a large number of photos were taken by those present.
At the end of the evening we gathered at one of the local hostelries, with some of us being tempted by the fare offered by the fish and chip venue next door.


Our official tour of the Wills Memorial Building was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The guides obviously enjoy every aspect of this building bringing it's history to life with their in depth knowledge and their obvious love of the building. I hope the images included will convey the beautiful architecture and it's majesty. An interesting part of the tour takes you onto the roof giving tremendous views across Bristol - assuming you like heights of course !!
There is a small charge for the tour which supports the Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal and to date over £8935.46 has been raised in aid of the Bristol Children's Hospital Charity showing the tremendous interest and generosity there is in Bristol for this sort of fund raising. They are run on the first Wednesday and first Saturday of every month. If you are interested contact who will give you full details. You will not be disappoionted and you will also be helping this wonderful appeal.


The KPS programme includes a number of summer outings throughout July and August and for our second trip we went to the Bristol Harbourside where the Harbour Festival was to take place over the weekend.
I have tried to include images that I feel will portray the fun side of KPS. The left one was included because I never appear on the pictures and everyone decided that they would get a shot of me taking a picture of them (all good fun !). The far right image shows how we choose to end our evening, always with plenty of chat and laughter over a cool drink. However, I have included the one in the middle to prove that we are serious about our photography as well as having a good time.
The harbourside offered an abundance of subjects, hundreds of boats with the obligatory bbq being prepared, portraits, street photography, people from all around the World selling absolutely everything and, of course, always those dressed in costume to give that extra bit of colour as shown on our Home page.


It was a pleasure to see so many of the newer members joining us on the first social outing of the KPS summer programme, plus the wife of one of our members, as it gives an in-depth social atmosphere to the club.
Purton did not offer the summer lighting that we had hoped for but it did give some dramatic skies and the skeletal hulks of the abandoned boats created some good shapes, textures and colours. A place that has been visited over the years by many photographers but it always offers plenty of challenges.
At the end of the evening the 17 members crowded into the nearby pub for a well deserved bite to eat and a drink with plenty of chat and laughs.


Each year photographic clubs who are members of the Western Counties Photographic Federation enter images into the Digital Imaging Exhibition, usually held at the Corn Exchange in Exeter. A number of KPS members had an enjoyable day viewing 1000 images presented by the WCPF. 50 clubs competed this year and KPS came in at a very respectable 11th. However, it definitely gives us room for improvement and we are determined that next year will be the one when we hit the jackpot !!


KPS members enjoyed a brilliant evening with model Helen Drew. The evening was led by one of our own members, Steve Cox, who started the evening with very useful instructions and also introduced us to useful reference books. We started in our usual meeting room, Warmley Church Hall, where the lighting was challenging and then progressed into the churchyard once the evening light had become low and atmospheric. Different props were used to add to the enjoyment with reflective material adding to the already good lighting conditions. All those members who came along agreed that it had been a great success.
We are now into our summer programme with evenings being organised at different locations around the area. These are listed above and all are welcome to join us.


Eleven KPS members visited Temple Meads Station having made special arrangements beforehand. There were health and safety regulations, mainly common sense, but other than that we were able to photograph wherever and whatever we pleased. A really interesting evening which would offer a challenge to any photographer. The station opened on 31 August 1840, was expanded in the 1870's and again in the 1930's. For sometime it housed the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum until its relocation to London. The majority of the site is Grade 1 listed.


Members of KPS had an interesting visit to the Wiltshire village of Lacock meeting outside of the beautiful Lacock Abbey. Photographs were taken around this National Trust village and included a visit to the local church yard where there are always interesting images to be found. To end the evening we visited The Red Lion pub catching up on the news of other KPS members.


Our annual outing this year was to the Dorset Steam Fair held in the village of Tarrant Hinton which is near Blandford Forum in the beautiful Dorset countryside. All members had an excellent day and managed to capture some moody shots of the majestic steam engines. It is widely recognised as the National Heritage Show and and is regarded as the leading fair of its type in the World. The showground spans some 600 acres and attracts over 200,000 visitors each year from the UK and Worldwide.


The first studio evening of 2011 was led by Steve Cox and was entitled Film Noir. We were to produce images depicting the mood of the 30s and 40s movie classics. Instructions were given on setting up the lighting necessary for this type of photography and Steve brought along Hannah who is a professional model and captured this era beautifully with her hair and makeup setting the scene. The lights were particularly hot and to give Hannah a break Steve stood in for a while filling the space admirably. It was a superb evening enjoyed by a large number of KPS members, also visitors who we always welcome.


2011 is a special year for Bristol Zoo as it celebrates 175 years.
A group of KPS members enjoyed a day at the Zoo which included a guided walk covering the many aspects of wildlife conservation, especially with endangered species. A time to improve upon your photography by sharing different experiences encountered with the camera and also a time for the all important social aspect of any club.


People associated with the English Civil War Society had travelled considerable distances to demonstrate to visitors just what life was like in 1643.
A group of KPS members met to enjoy the re-enactment of the Battle of Chippenham fought at Monkton Park. A beautiful sunny day but photographically it was not ideal conditions, however, this did not affect the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the event.
A very social and successful day.


So many pictures have been taken of Clevedon Pier over the years. It is the only Grade l listed pier in the country which has been beautifully restored and provides wonderful views of the Severn Estuary, the islands of Flat Holm and Steep Holm, the two Severn Bridges and the best sunsets in the West Country.
However, we were not to be so lucky on our trip as the whole day had been really miserable with rain on and off all day. Nevertheless seven KPS members gathered as planned and as well as managing some photography spent a pleasant hour in the Moon and Sixpence chatting over a drink.


21 KPS members visited the University Botanic Gardens for a special evening where we were given exclusive access to the gardens and also included a guided tour of the hothouses. In 2002 the Botanic Gardens were relocated to this new site just off the Downs on Stoke Park Road and within walking distance of the University. The Holmes was built in 1879 as a large residential house and is now used as a hall of residence and conference centre.


We meet every Friday evening at 7.30 p.m. in St Barnabas Church Hall (Warmley) and were delighted when asked if we would like to take part in the annual craft fayre. KPS members always enjoy to take part in local events as it gives them the opportunity of showing their work to the public and hoping that it gives them enjoyment.
St Barnabas Church was built in 1849-50 and has the most beautiful stained glass windows.


An evening visit was planned for the Second Severn Crossing when it was hoped that we would be lucky enough to enjoy a really colourful sunset. At least it was not raining but the sky was not as spectacular as it can be from this vantage point. However, 15 members of KPS exchanged their help and knowledge when photographing in such conditions and I am sure everyone learnt something during the evening. As is usual the evening ended with plenty of laughs in the local pub.


Steve Cox organised this evenings photo shoot entitled Urban Fashion & Portraiture. The club was buzzing with members for what proved to be an extremely successful evening of instruction and photography. Lighting was set up outside of the club premises to give the atmosphere that was required and Helen was asked to model against stone walls and props such as dustbins. Nicola provided professional make-up to accompany Helen's costume changes.


A group of KPS members made a memorable trip to London to see this year's Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National Theatre, with the prime aim of seeing John Hoddinott's fine print of the Dorset Jurassic Coast being displayed. John is a committee member at KPS and gained a well deserved Highly Commended award for this print which was displayed in an A2 format and looks magnificent. Before going to the exhibition various members of the group took the opportunity of visiting other exhibitions. These included the Wildlife Photogerpher of the Year, the new permanent photographic exhibition at the V & A, the Don Mc Cullin 'Shaped by War' exhibition and others at the Imperial War Museum and the New Documentary Forms photo exhibition at the Tate Modern. Overll, it was a highly rewarding day which finished with most of us staying to listen to Charlie Waite talk about understanding the influence of the subconscious in our photography, which was certainly very different.